2021-22 School Year Post 2

Welcome back to FIYA Sports for the 2023-24 school year! Please read below for important information and updates to get you ready for our upcoming seasons.

1. REVIEW UPDATED DOCUMENTS - We highly recommend you review our (i) Regulations Manual and (ii) FAQ About Athletic Events document posted on our website under the About tab.

2. COACH CERTIFICATION - Every coach in FIYA League Events will need to have their NAYS coaching certification card.  A NAYS card obtained in 2020 or after will be accepted for the 2023-24 school year.  Please go to our Registration page for more information about our coaching certification program.


3. AWARDS – Each year we acknowledge Division 1 athletes for All League, All Academic and All Sportsmanship individual awards for each of our League Events.  In addition, we host an annual FIYA Awards Assembly where we will acknowledge certain Division 1 student athletes for their achievements during the school year.  More details can be found in the Regulations Manual (Article IV, Section 12).

4. REGISTRATION & PAYMENT - Registration and payment for League Events is through League Apps, and registration and payment for Cross Country and Track & Field is through Athletic.Net.  Payment for all events can also always be made via check. All registration deadlines are on the main calendar under the "About" section above and on each sport's page. The cost for League Events is $650 per D-1 team and $600 per D-2 or D-3 team. The cost for Tournament Events is typically $20 per athlete per event.

Please see our Registration tab for more information as well as links to League Apps and Athletic.net.



FIYA (Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, and we provide sports programs and opportunities catering to ALL elementary and middle schools grades 3 through 8! We have a full governing body of staff with outstanding experience and a passion for youth sports tied to education along with a highly supportive governing board of directors. Together, the FIYA team organizes after school sports leagues, tournaments, and programs, and handles all administrative matters so our participating schools can focus on the important parts: coaching, playing, good sportsmanship, and having fun!


We offer a multitude of sports throughout the school year and form sports leagues based on geography and grade level.


Your school's game schedules, obtain the facilities, provide coaching certification, arrange the referees and game operators, institute policies and procedures, and organize city-wide playoffs for qualifying teams.


Are conducted at centralized sites to create a community atmosphere among regional opponents.


FIYA sports leagues and tournaments are open for participation to ALL Los Angeles elementary and middle schools. While our age divisions vary from sport to sport (check the specific sport's page to verify), we typically serve students in the following:

  • Division 1 (D-1) - 8th Grade & Below
  • Division 2 (D-2) - 6th Grade & Below
  • Division 3 (D-3) - 4th Grade & Below


Each FIYA sport has general rules to which we play by and are updated each school year. To find specific rules on a sport, visit the sport's page or you can find a list of our sports' rules at the bottom of our Regulations Manual. If you are new or even a returning FIYA participant, we recommend reading our general FAQ on our athletic programs, leagues, and tournaments, to get a better idea on how we operate. Our FAQ page is also up-to-date for the new school year. 

Since its founding in 2011, FIYA has served









FIYA believes in the power of school-based sports and the impact a school athletic program makes on schools and their communities. Our organization is proudly made up of school participants from over 40 Los Angeles zip codes (and counting) that range from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. As we continue to grow, it is our belief that every child should have an equal chance to play sports, and we hope one way that's possible is through FIYA and our partnership with our member schools' athletic programs!