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Dear FIYA Families, Friends, & Members of the FIYA Community, 

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics (FIYA), I sincerely thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in contributing or getting involved with FIYA.  During these unprecedented times, I am deeply thankful for the many people who continue to help make FIYA the vibrant organization it is today. Since our founding in 2011, school administrators, coaches, officials work with our small yet highly dedicated staff to provide quality interscholastic youth sports to the middle and elementary schools in Los Angeles County.

New schools continue to join our various sports leagues.  In just the 2019-2020 school year alone (our last season before the pandemic), we reached all-time highs in the number of teams playing in girls volleyball, flag football and basketball.  For the Winter 2020 basketball season we had over 160 teams!  Back in year one of FIYA, the number of basketball teams was in the twenties.  Prior to the pandemic, we were on pace to serve over 150 schools and 8000 student athletes in the 2020 year.  Nearly half of our participating schools serve predominantly lower to moderate income families.  Approximately 80% of our student athletes represent minority groups and more than 33% are female.  Beyond the numbers, we continuously receive feedback from parents, teachers and school administrators that our school-based sports programs provide the incentive for their kids to excel in the classroom.  Our mission of strengthening schools through sports is alive and well and we're so grateful to be seeing it back in action for the 2021-2022 School Year!

As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, FIYA looks to any and all means of support to help maintain the quality care and services our foundation provides for all of our youth student athletes and involved members of our community.  Not only do we serve our community through FIYA athletic programs, competitions, and other experiences, but in following our visions and mission, we're helping schools to develop their school's athletic programs. We wish to establish, build, and develop more accessible athletic platforms for these schools' students so they may experience the values, education, and physical activity that come with participating in school athletics.

Join us in our ongoing fundraising and help us reach our annual goal of $20,000 by the end of the school year. See below for more details on our fundraising goals, how you can help, and how your donation can make a difference. 


$10,000 +

Chuck & Carol Dailey

Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation

LA84 Foundation

Porteous Family Foundation

S Mark Taper Foundation 

$1,001 - $9,999

Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation

US Soccer Foundation


$251 - $1,000

Judie Holland

James Kawahito

Jacob Mueller

John Mueller

The Kindest Company

$101 - $250

John Farren

Robert Farren 

Eugene Mueller 

Dona and Mike Rawson

Mallory Rawson 

Edgar Rios 

$26 - $100

Chris Coyle 

The Dombrowski Family

The Gaardsmoe Family

Jason Hirschman 

Todd McCullough

Debbie Mollner

Marc Naylor 

Jayne Pimlott

Monica Salcedo 

Giustina Scionti 

Boris Suarez

Anthony Tolbert

$1 - $25

Jennifer Appling 

Christina Bragg 

Annie Cipiti

Mary Conner 

Miranda Curry

Katelyn Ecker

Rachael Leamy

Milan Mueller 

Jeff Muir

Jonathan Rawson

Alex Reale


On behalf of the FIYA staff, board of directors and our entire community of participants, we thank you for your kind and generous consideration and for taking the time to learn more ways to get involved in our organization. Whether you are able to give or not, know we deeply appreciate your dedication to our students, schools, and FIYA, and your efforts do not go unnoticed. 


John Mueller & The FIYA Team




As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your support is greatly needed each year to help FIYA continue providing youth sports, the life lessons and values that come with them, and endless positive experiences and memories to thousands of elementary and middle school students all across Los Angeles County.


Because of YOUR HELP, and with the donations we received last year, we were able to successfully bring back FIYA school sports for the 2021-2022 school year! So we really couldn't do it without people like you, our donors, our school participants, our coaches, our parents, our referees, and our entire community that supports our mission to "Strengthen Schools Through Sports."


This year wouldn't have been possible without all of you:

  • Cross Country hit the trails again for in-person & virtual meets
  • Girls Volleyball successfully returned for the 2021 season
  • Flag Football successfully returned for the 2021 season 
  • eSports kept kids in the game who could not return in-person
  • Basketball has returned our 2022 season with 118 school teams
  • AND MORE offerings to look forward to in 2022

When you support FIYA, remember that you are providing the opportunity to participate in team sports for our wonderful community:

  • 8000 students participating annually throughout Los Angeles County
  • 80% of FIYA student-athletes are students of color
  • Over 33% are female
  • 50% reside in neighborhoods that are of low to moderate income
  • Majority of students from families that do not have the resources for “club” sports
Please consider making a gift to FIYA when it is needed most.

All donations are tax-deductible, and 100% go directly to support our school based athletic programs. Even in times of crisis, our work is essential. Your support is greatly appreciated. Our student athletes are counting on you!

#togetherFIYA Globe


Our ultimate goal is $20,000 for our 2021-22 annual fund.

UPDATE: So far this school year, our donors have helped us successfully reach our goal of $5,000 for Giving Tuesday 2021 and currently we are nearly to our halfway point of $10,000!

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting FIYA’s school-based sports programs for middle and elementary schools. With your help we will be able to provide additional new sports offerings for our student athletes, take necessary precautionary steps to protect our student athletes when back on the playing field or court, support the vital need for new sports equipment and support our student athletes and coaches with the recognition they deserve with distinguished achievement awards.


In addition to our donation goal, we're also reaching for at least 50% participation from our schools. This means we're hoping to have at least one member from half of our school communities to make a donation. In order to make that possible, we're encouraging all of our schools to share our fundraising page to their communities and social circles.



El Segundo Middle School (alumna/parents), St. Martin of Tours (alumni), St. Paul the Apostle (alumni), St. Jerome School (alumni/parents), Visitation School (alumna), American Martyrs (alumna), St. Anastasia School (alumni/ teacher), Mark Twain Middle School (parent)


MORE ways to get involved


We believe that donating or sponsoring a charitable cause can be very personal, having purpose and significance both for our organization but also for our donor. In that spirit, FIYA has various ways in which you can donate or contribute to your most desired preference!

Check out the listed items below to see various other ways to get involved or additional means of donating to our cause. Keep in mind each of our individual sports programs and offerings are open for sponsorship opportunities as well. To learn more about our sponsorship program, email FIYA Director of Communications Mallory Rawson at

Throughout every sports season, you may see FIYA members at your gym or field capturing the action on camera! One way you can give back is by purchasing photos of your team in the form of a donation. See a photo you like on our website or social media? 

All of our photos are always available for purchase individually or in the form of a team package, but team packages are most cost efficient and highly recommended. Once purchased, the photos can be used for school assets like yearbooks or marketing purposes or for personal reasons like team banquets and individual keeping for your student-athletes and parents. It's a unique way for our students to remember the season for a lifetime! 

If you're interested in purchasing photos of your school / team or would like to see what we have available for purchase, please email all photo inquiries to

Do you have an Amazon account or make purchases via Amazon? Support FIYA by linking your Amazon account to FIYA as your charity of choice! From there, every eligible purchase you make, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price to FIYA via Amazon Smile at NO COST TO YOU. It's a simple set up process that takes no more than 2 minutes and Amazon will do the rest! Every bit adds up! We've included step-by-step desktop AND mobile instructions below on how you can link FIYA to your Amazon account. 



  1. Sign in to on your desktop browser
  2. Hover over "Accounts & Lists" and Under "Your Account", select "AmazonSmile
  3. Under "Pick your own charitable organization:"
  4. Type: "Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics"
  5. Select FIYA as your charity of choice and you're done! Your donations will be received after you shop. 



  1. Sign in to on your mobile browser
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and select "Your Amazon Smile"
  3. Under "Pick your own charitable organization:"
  4. Type: "Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics"
  5. Select FIYA as your charity of choice and you're done! Your donations will be received after you shop. 

If you would like to donate specific needed materials for our individual sports programs or organization as a whole, check out our Amazon Page and every purchase will go straight to the FIYA headquarters.

Simply check out the public "FIYA Wish List" on our page or the various lists for each particular sport we offer and purchase an item of your choice that you would like to donate today! If you don't see any items available for purchase but would like to still donate this way, please email