2023-24 ALL FIYA Teams


Click below to view the following honorees for the 2023-24 school year as well as pictures from the Awards Assembly:


  • All FIYA Athletic teams
  • All FIYA Academic team
  • All FIYA Sportsmanship team



The annual FIYA Awards Assembly is held each year in early June to honor and recognize Division 1 student athletes as follows:


All FIYA Teams: This award is for League Events where FIYA conducts Division 1/1A playoffs and teams qualify and/or advance in Division 1/1A playoffs.

ALL FIYA Cross Country: This award is for a Division 1 athlete who finishes in the top twenty percent (20%) in a meet for at least four (4) cross country meets during one season.

ALL FIYA Track & Field: This award is for a Division 1 athlete who finishes in the Top 6 in at least two of the individual events as listed below and achieves such qualifications at a minimum of track and field meets during one season (if there are 6 total track meets in a season, then the minimum number is 4; if there are 4 or 5 total track meets in a season, then the minimum number is 3).

  • For Track Events - the 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600 meters.
  • For Field Events - the Long Jump, Shot Put and Turbo Javelin.

All FIYA Academic: This award is for Qualifying Schools only*. To receive this award, a student athlete from a Qualifying School needs to (i) be in 8th grade, (ii) fully participate in at least TWO of the Qualifying School’s Division 1 teams (this can be a League Event or a Tournament Event) and (iii) maintain a cumulative grade point average for the entire school year of at least 3.90.

*Please see our Regulations Manual for more on qualifying schools and specific criteria to be eligible for All FIYA Awards.

Shanese Washington Memorial Scholarship Winners:  $500 scholarship presented to winners who best exemplify the FIYA Sportsmanship Pledge and write the winning essay as selected by the scholarship committee.



A league championship plaque is given to the first place team in all Divisions.  For teams that tie for first place, FIYA uses the head to head result to break the tie.  Where there is no head to head result, multiple league championship plaques will be given.  For Division 1 only, FIYA provides a city-wide playoff format for League Events and issues team and individual awards to the finalists.




A team plaque will be given to the top finishing teams in each Tournament Event (including but not limited to: Cross Country meets, Track & Field meets, and Dance competitions) and individuals ribbons and/or medals will be given to the top finishing individuals in each Tournament Event.  In addition, for some FIYA Tournament Events, FIYA will issue team seasonal tournament champion awards.