Girls & Boys Basketball 2021

Check back to this page for more details and updates on the 2021 winter season! See the upcoming season's master calendar with important dates and deadlines to the right of this page. You can also find last year's results and standings from the 2020 season by clicking the boys and girls "Playoffs" links. 


NOTE REGARDING COVID-19: We are planning for a full year of FIYA sports in 2020-2021, but it is subject to change and revisions may be implemented based on any government restrictions or other issues related to COVID-19. Consequently, if any currently scheduled event is to be cancelled, payments for FIYA leagues and tournaments will be reimbursed in full to registered schools.



 BASKETBALL 2020-2021 DATES:  

 October 2nd:  Registration Opens for Basketball Leagues 

 November 16th:  Registration Deadline for Pre-Season Tournament (Boys / Girls) 

 November 27th:  Registration Deadline for Basketball Leagues 

 Dec 1st - 8th:  FIYA 2020 Basketball Pre-Season Tournament (Boys / Girls) 

 Week of December 10th:  **Mandatory All Basketball Coaches Meeting 

 January 11th:  Start of Regular Season 





FIYA 2018-2019 Basketball





CONGRATULATIONS to each of our finalists for competing in the 2019 FIYA Basketball Championships for Division 1 and 1A:


  • LACES (Boys Division 1A Finalist) 
  • Culver City Middle School (Boys Division 1A Finalist) 
  • KIPP Academy of Opportunity (Girls Division 1A Finalist) 
  • Magnolia Science Academy 8 - Bell (Girls Division 1A Finalist) 
  • Culver City Middle School (Boys Division 1 Finalist) 
  • Frank Parent (Boys Division 1 Finalist) 
  • LACES (Girls Division 1 Finalist) 
  • Culver City Middle School (Girls Division 1 Finalist) 


Check out the full article on the 2019 FIYA Basketball Champions HERE!


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2019 Division 1 Basketball Champions:  



   (Culver City Middle School - Boys D1 2019 Champions)                  (LACES - Girls D1 2019 Champions)


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2019 Division 1A Basketball Champions: 


(Culver City Middle School - Boys D1A 2019 Champs)       (KIPP Academy of Opportunity - Girls D1A 2019 Champs) 





If you'd like to make a generous contribution to our Boys & Girls Basketball Programs this season, FIYA still needs your help and here's how you can get inolved and make a difference TODAY: 


1. Sponsor Our Program 

Whether you're passionate about basketball, have a child who participates in FIYA, or are interested in further developing our boys and girls basketball programs, FIYA is open to all sponsorship opportunities and inquires for our basketball department.

Your generous donation would go towards: necessary equipment and services for the program, access to multiple venues/gyms to accommodate for our various zip codes and regional leagues, online tools for running and operating the leagues, championship team trophies, individual medals, FIYA shirts for our participants, and other additional opportunities for our participating student athletes and coaches. 

Have your name or logo featured on our participant t-shirts, website, our social and other media assets, our featured videos, and displayed in our gyms, fields, and venues (where appropriate) to show our appreciation and your contribution to the entire FIYA community. Among all else, your name will be associated with the growth of our foundation, the well being of our student athletes, contribute to the positive youth sports culture embedded within FIYA, and join us in our mission to strengthen our Los Angeles elementary and middle schools through sports. 

If you're interested or have an idea of how you’d like to get involved with sponsoring our basketball programs, please don’t hesitate to email Publicity & Communications Coordinator!


2. Sponsor a Gym 

All of our venues / gyms are home to either a FIYA participating school or Los Angeles local recreational gym, many of which cannot afford the costs of maintenance, up-keeping, or development. Our organization would be honored and grateful to partner with a generous sponsor to help upgrade our schools’ and various Los Angeles locations’ facilities.

Our schools and public gyms are home to many events, activities, communal gatherings, and even other organizations whose efforts we’d love to celebrate by providing improvements, safety, and proactive environmental efforts and assets for their homes.  

Whether it be donating trash, compost, and recycling bins, spectator seating, new court installation, or anything in between, we know your efforts would go a long way for our community and beyond. Not only would you be contributing to the FIYA programs and our community, but you would be making an even bigger impact for these specific local and school communities for years to come! If you have any questions or are interested, please email Publicity & Communications Coordinator 


3. Sponsor a Team in Need 

As part of the FIYA vision, you can help make it possible for us to assist our Los Angeles youth and schools of underserved and economically disadvantaged communities by sponsoring a team in need. Many of these schools have students eager and ready to play in FIYA sports, but do not have the athletic programs, resources, or funds to do so.

At FIYA, we do our best to accompany these schools along with our services to the programs themselves to ensure an equal sports opportunity for these deserving schools and students. Sponsorships would help us cover: their referee fees, school/team uniforms, individual players’ equipment such as gym shoes or mouth guards, coaching and practicing materials such as cones and balls, and even safe places to hold their practices if they do not have space on their campus.

Without access to these necessary funds and materials, we’ve noticed basketball is a difficult sport for many schools to provide for their athletic programs. Some schools even have to combine their boys and girls into one team which competes in the boys division not because they don’t have enough players but because: their students cannot afford to play individually, they cannot hire a coach, or they cannot afford to have multiple teams. 

Please consider helping FIYA fulfill its vision in re-building and strengthening these schools’ sports programs by sponsoring a team and you will see just how big of an impact you can make on these young athletes’ lives! If you’d like to learn more or are interested, please email our Publicity & Communications Coordinator


4. Donate Items from Our Amazon Wish List

Visit our Amazon Wish List specifically for our Basketball Program, and consider donating equipment or materials needed for our programs and teams! FIYA provides one game ball to every participating school's team (roughly 145 teams + some schools have more than one team) to help get them started for the basketball season.

Even donating ONE indoor basketball goes a long way, and you would be contributing to the betterment of a deserving school's team! Additional items and equipment needed to efficiently run our Basketball Programs are also available to purchase for donation including but not limited to: portable scoreboards, gym accessories, and practice tools for our coaches.

So if you're interested in donating any of the equipment listed above or on our Wish List, please know that you would be contributing to not just one of our teams or one of our regional leagues but truly to the quality and care of the entire FIYA organization! If for whatever reason you have any issues with this donation option, please email us at


5. Volunteer by Hosting a Coaching or Player Clinic for Our Community 

If you are an experienced athlete, trainer, or coach, we'd love for members of our community inside or out to volunteer their time and services by hosting a basketball coaching clinic or basketball player clinic for our coaches and student athletes alike. UPDATE: This season, we are grateful to announce that one of our long time youth sports community members and Coach, Mike Rawson has made it possible for FIYA to host TWO FREE basketball coaching clinics for our community! Check out the event details by clicking the image at the top of this page and see how you can be the next generous volunteer to do the same for one of our programs' coaches or for our student athletes!) 

Many of our coaches are volunteers, teachers, or other school administrators who so generously give their time to make their school's basketball program possible. With that, many do not have access to resources or have previous experience, which is why at FIYA we strive to provide them with as many equal opportunities as we can and tools to success.

Similarly, a majority of our student athletes do not have access to or participate in club or other outside recreational/regional sports, so FIYA and their school programs serve as their primary sports experiences. We do our best to offer additional training opportunities and athletic experiences, but we rely heavily on the generous contributions made by members of our community to help make this possible. 

If you're interested, please email Publicity & Communications Coordinator! Your efforts would make all the difference to our kids and coaches alike, strengthening both our programs skillfully and our community's unity.  


6. Volunteer Coach for One of Our Schools

Many times we've unfortunately experienced schools having the number in players to participate, but don't have a coach to put them in our league.

If you've always had the desire to coach youth basketball or are interested in making a difference for a deserving school's basketball program, please consider being a volunteer coach. Many of our schools cannot afford to pay their coaches, so access to coaching options are limited. Help us include these schools and students by committing yourself as a coach and giving them the opportunity to participate and compete in FIYA Girls or Boys Basketball!

This would be an extremely rewarding experience, one our community would be very grateful for, and one that contributes fully to FIYA's mission which is to strengthen schools through sports! If you are interested, please contact us at

Thank you in advance for your interest in serving and contributing to the betterment of our FIYA Los Angeles Community! Every bit helps, every effort does not go unnoticed, and it's because of the collaborative efforts and selfless acts from members of our community, donors, and sponsors that FIYA stands and continues to grow into the organization that it is today! We are all #togetherFIYA


FIYA offers interscholastic basketball leagues open to ALL elementary and middle schools in Los Angeles. 

- We organize leagues based on factors such as geography, grade level and skill level. 

- Division 1 is for 8th grade and below and Division 2 is for 6th and below. 

- Each school team will play 7 to 8 regular season games.  

- Approx. League Calendar:

- Regular Season will Start the week of January 7th, 2019 

- Regular Season will End Friday, March 1st

Playoffs will be March 4-15th  

- There are no playoffs for Division 2, but the Division 2 regular season will likely end on or before March 15.  



Holiday Season: Please be sure to write down the days during the season that your school has a holiday as well as any special scheduling requests.  We strive to do our best to accommodate schedule requests but cannot guarantee every request can be met.  However, providing schedule requests PRIOR to the draft schedules being sent will significantly help in creating good game schedules and will limit the need for making changes to the draft schedule.

Mandatory Coaches Meetings: A representative of your school needs to attend just the meeting in the region where the school team will play.  If your school cannot send a representative to attend the mandatory coaches meeting, you should seriously consider NOT registering a basketball team for your school.  The dates and locations of such meetings will be shared later but note that they will occur the week of December 10th.

HAVE A GYM WE CAN USE? FIYA basketball games occur in gymnasiums at centralized facilities during the weekdays between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm.  If your school has a gym or access to a gym, we are in need of gymnasiums to host the games.  We are certainly open to considering any gyms so long as they work within the parameters of our business model.  Please contact John Mueller at 


Century Community Charter roars to victory

Bears capture 2017 Division 1 Boys Championship at Staples Center

Century Community Charter roars to victory

Playing on the large court of the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center on Wednesday March 15 2017, the Bears of Century Community Charter started out slowly scoring only 6 points in the first seven minutes of the Division 1 championship game against Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies.  However, the high octane offense started to find its rhythm and, despite the aggressive defense of LACES, Century Community was able to obtain a 13 point halftime lead.  The Bears kept their offensive pedal to the metal and won their first FIYA Division 1 Boys basketball championship by a score of 43 to 23.  Congratulations to both teams on an awesome season.

LACES knots up a perfect season with the 2017 Division 1 Girls Basketball championship

Unicorns defeat Culver City by 2 at Staples Center

LACES knots up a perfect season with the 2017 Division 1 Girls Basketball championship

Culver City Middle School and Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES) entertained the crowd at Staples Center on Wednesday March 15 in the Division 1 Girls Basketball Championship.  Both undefeated teams played tenacious defense and hustled to all four corners of the Clippers basketball court to fight for baskets.  Neither team lead by more than 5 points throughout the game.  With the score 23 to 21 in favor of LACES, Culver City had the ball with a few seconds remaining.  As hard as the Panthers worked to get a tying or game winning basket, the Unicorns were equally determined to prevent it.  In the end, defense prevailed and LACES won its first FIYA championship.  Congratulations to both teams on an excellent season.

Final Wave of Momentum Rests with Ocean Charter

Ocean Charter Wins 2017 D1A Boys Basketball Championship over The City School

Final Wave of Momentum Rests with Ocean Charter

The Boys Division 1A Basketball Championship was a game filled with exciting momentum shifts with The City School and Ocean Charter taking turns to shine on the court.  The City School, who had defeated Ocean Charter during the regular season, started out hot and took the early lead.  About halfway through the first half, Ocean Charter made their run to even the game and from there it was a seasaw battle.  Both teams displayed athleticism and team play.  In the end, Ocean Charter had the last momentum run which was enough to carry it to the championship with a 37 - 33 victory.

Irish Eyes Smile Upon Culver City

Panthers Win 2017 D1A Girls Basketball Championship over La Tijera

Irish Eyes Smile Upon Culver City

On St Patrick's Day, FIYA held its Division 1A Basketball Championship at Park Century School in Culver City.  The girls championship featured La Tijera versus Culver City and for the majority of the game, the Lady Tigers clad in green and white had the lead over Culver City by as many as 6 points.  While baskets were hard to come by, the Panthers kept clawing away and with over one minute left in the game finally caught and past their opponent.  Culver City won 23 to 19 to capture the championship.  Congratulations to both teams for a fine season.

MLC Rises to Top to Capture 2016 FIYA Basketball Division 1 Championship

Pandas Use Height to Win Canoga Park School's First FIYA Championship

MLC Rises to Top to Capture 2016 FIYA Basketball Division 1 Championship

On the floor of the Los Angeles Clippers in Staples Center on Monday March 28, FIYA held its Division 1 Girls Basketball Championship.  Two undefeated teams -- Palms Middle School of Los Angeles and Multicultural Learning Center of Canoga Park -- battled it out.  Palms, the defending FIYA champions from 2015, used their speed and accurate shooting to create a slight margin in the first half.  Yet, the Pandas of MLC used their height to create problems for Palms and to control the boards and score points underneath.  After taking a slight lead in the second half, the Panthers found a second level and opened up a five point with a few minutes remaining in the game.  MLC was able to hit a few key free throws and another put back basket to tie the game and send it into overtime.  Trailing by 1 point with two seconds left in overtime, Palms missed the front end of a single bonus free throw and once again MLC controlled the rebound and the 2016 FIYA Championship was theirs by the score of 36 to 35.  Congratulations to both teams for a wonderful season.  Click on Sports, Basketball and Girls Playoffs for pictures from the Division 1 Girls Basketball Championship at Staples Center.

3 Pointer by Culver City Crowns Centaurs as 2016 FIYA Division 1 Basketball Champions

Culver City Defeats Harry Bridges

3 Pointer by Culver City Crowns Centaurs as 2016 FIYA Division 1 Basketball Champions

After watching a thrilling girls basketball championship, Culver City and Harry Bridges boys teams entertained the crowd at Staples Center on Monday afternoon.  The boys played fast, jumped high, defended aggressively and worked hard to score baskets the entire game in an extremely well-played game.  Both teams entered the Championship Game with undefeated records of 10 wins and no losses and both teams played like champions.  Culver City lead 24 - 21 at the half and must have received an inspiring halftime speech as they opened the second half with a 10 to 1 run to obtain their largest margin.  However, the Bulldogs settled down and started chipping away at the lead when they finally caught the Centaurs with a few minutes remaining in the game.  A big basket and clutch free throws gave the Bulldogs the lead with less than a minute to go.  Culver City still had more left, nailing a huge three pointer from the corner to put them up 53 - 51 with 8 seconds remaining.  After a timeout, Harry Bridges diagrammed an inbounds play and were able to get off a rushed three point shot of their own that fell short, allowing Culver City to celebrate their first FIYA championship for their boys.  Congratulations to both teams for a wonderful season.  Click on Sports, Basketball and Boys Playoffs for pictures from the Championship Day at the Coliseum.

Wilders Prep Wins the Battle of Unbeatens in 2016 Division 1A Boys Championship

Eagles defeat New West to Join Lady Eagles as Perfect Champs

Wilders Prep Wins the Battle of Unbeatens in 2016 Division 1A Boys Championship

Wilders Prep and New West played solid basketball all season long and the two ended up facing each other in the Division 1A Championship on Friday March 18 at Park Century.  Fired up by the championship victory for the Lady Eagles earlier, the Eagles flew from the tip off and went on a 16 to 1 run to start the game.  New West eventually found some momentum and were able to get the deficit to single digits by halftime.  However, Wilders Prep had another fast start to the second half and doubled their halftime lead and ended up winning 42 to 30 to complete its perfect season and a double championship victory for Wilders Prep.

Talented Wilders Prep Girls Take Home 2016 D-1A Championship

Lady Eagles Complete Perfect Season

Talented Wilders Prep Girls Take Home 2016 D-1A Championship

Wilders Prep Lady Eagles completed their Division 1A playoff run in the same manner it completed its regular season:  Constant defensive pressure leading to transition baskets and double digit victories.  One of their closer regular season games was against St Jerome and they faced their Westside League rival in the finals on Friday March 18 at Park Century.  Similar to their regular season battle, the Lady Eagles full court press and tenacious man to man defense eventually paid off and Wilders Prep won 29 to 12.  

2105 D-1A BB Finals - Culver City vs Le Lycee

For the D-1A Basketball Finals Monday at Le Lycee Francais, there were four teams but just two schools – Culver City Middle School and Le Lycee Francais played for both the boys and girls championships.

On the girls side Le Lycee hoped the return of some players from injury would be the difference but Culver had other ideas. They raced to the lead early, but behind their home crowd Le Lycee refused to give up. A late run got them back in it but ultimately was not enough as Culver held on to claim the title.

The boys game lived up to the excitement of the girls game and then some. Hoping to avenge a regular season loss, Le Lycee came in prepared using a box and one defense to try to stifle Culver’s potent offensive attack. The teams battled throughout, with Culver able to build a small lead early that was quickly erased. The second half was back and forth and full of drama, but clutch foul shooting in the final minute allowed Culver to complete the sweep.

Congratulations to all four teams on great seasons.

Culver City - Champions

Le Lycee - 2nd Place

Culver City - Champions

Le Lycee - 2nd Place

D-1 Boys & Girls BB Finals

For any child growing up in Los Angeles, there is nothing quite like getting the opportunity to compete on the floor of Staples Center. For the La Tijera (Inglewood) and St. Jerome (Westchester) girls and Frank Parent (Inglewood) and Culver City boys that dream was realized Monday afternoon.

Before friends and family these four teams gave everything they had in hopes of capturing the 2014 FIYA Basketball Championship. First up were the girls, where La Tijera hoped to complete an undefeated season and St. Jerome vied to avenge an early season loss. The first half saw both teams battle valiantly, but ultimately the inside-outside combination of the Tigers proved too much for the Spartans and La Tijera emerged victorious as the 2014 Girls D-1 Champs.

On the boys’ side, Frank Parent had cruised through most of the regular season but knew they were up for a challenge against Culver City. As sixth graders, this Culver City group competed well in the first year of FIYA Basketball against 8th grade teams, and as seventh graders came up just short in last year’s D-1A title game; this year they hoped to take the final leap to end their season with a win and a championship.

In the first few minutes it seemed apparent this game would come down to the final moments, and the teams did not disappoint. It was a back and forth game throughout with Parent occasionally taking a lead that Culver would respond to with a run of their own, including in the final minute when Culver rallied to force overtime. Parent proved to have a bit too much in the extra period though, hitting the key shots that led to a 48-43 victory, and Frank Parent’s second of three FIYA D-1 Boys Basketball Championships.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the schools and FIYA, and congratulations to all four teams on excellent seasons.

La Tijera - D-1 Girls Champions

St. Jerome - D-1 Girls Second Place

Frank Parent - D-1 Boys Champions

Culver City - D-1 Boys Second Place

Frank Parent, Century Community Take D-1A Titles

The FIYA Division 1A Basketball Championship games were played Thursday before a packed house at La Tijera. In the girls game, neighborhood rivals La Tijera and Frank Parent battled it out, with Frank Parent holding on to a slim lead throughout and taking home the title. In the boys game, Century Community got out to a big lead but had to hold a furious rally from Culver City. Clutch foul shots down the stretch sealed the win for Century Community.

Congratulations to all four teams on great seasons.


Frank D. Parent - Girls Division 1A Champions


La Tijera - Girls Divison 1A Runner Ups


Century Community - Boys Division 1A Champions


Culver City - Boys Division 1A Runner Ups


D-1A Girls & Boys BB Finals

The FIYA Basketball season concluded Friday with the D-1A Boys & Girls Championship at Le Lycee Francais. First up were the girls, where Pilgrim looked to complete an undefeated season with a win in the title game, while opponent Culver City had other ideas, looking to avenge a regular season loss to the Patriots. Both teams battled hard throughout, but Pilgrim came out on top to claim their first FIYA championship.

In the boys game, Culver City came in as the undefeated top seed but they had not faced the Thunderbirds of Westchester Secondary. Competing for the first time in FIYA, Westchester Secondary looked to end their season on a high note, and did so in capturing the title.

Congratulations to all four teams on great seasons.

Pilgrim - Champions

Culver City - Second Place


Westchester Secondary - Champions

Culver City - Second Place

Basketball Final Four


It was an electric atmosphere at Challengers Boys & Girls Club for the 2014 FIYA D-1 Girls & Boys Final Four Thursday night.

In the first girls game, undefeated La Tijera looked to continue their dream season while Lou Dantzler had different ideas in hoping to avenge one of their just two losses. With a raucous crowd cheering every play, Dantzler held the lead for much of the game before La Tijera showed why they were the regular season champs by battling back to go ahead. Dantzler had one last chance but a three point shot rimmed out in the final seconds and La Tijera held on for the win.

The second game saw View Park and St. Jerome locked in a defensive battle. While St. Jerome led throughout there was no putting away View Park who refused to go down quietly. In the end though St. Jerome held on to advance to Monday’s Championship at Staples Center.

The girls of Spartan Nation hung around to cheer in hopes that their boys counterparts would join them on the Clippers floor, but the boys had the tall task of getting through Culver City who defeated them in the regular season.  At times during the game Culver City seemed poised to take control, but St. Jerome refused to be deterred. Despite trailing for most of the second half, St. Jerome railed to force overtime. In a game that left all participants and spectators exhausted, Culver City ultimately prevailed 58-57 by making several timely plays that led to victory.

The final game of the night pitted perennial power Frank Parent vs. West League rival Paul Revere. Revere gave Parent everything they could handle in their regular season matchup, but Parent was up to the task this time and was able to overcome the excellent effort of Revere to move onto the Finals.


With the Final Four games decided, the championship schedule is:

Monday March 10th at Staples Center

12 PM – Girls Finals – La Tijera vs. St. Jerome

1:15 PM – Boys Finals – Frank Parent vs. Culver City


Tickets are $10 per adult and $5 per student (8th grade and below) and will be available at participating schools on Friday or at the Staples Center 11th Street gate on Monday from 11 AM –12 PM.