2018 Division 1 - Valley League

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Division 1 Girls Volleyball – Valley League


AS OF 11/1/18


Bert Corona



Our Community


MSA - 5

San Fernando Valley (SFVA)



Tuesday September 18th

4:00 PM  SFVA  v  Vaughn (W)

4:50 PM  Bert Corona (W) v  CHIME White

5:40 PM  Our Community  v  CHIME Blue (W)


Tuesday October 16th

4:00 PM  CHIME Blue (W)  v  Bert Corona

4:50 PM  CHIME White  v  SFVA (W)

5:40 PM  Vaughn (W)  v  MSA



Tuesday September 25th

4:00 PM  CHIME White  v  Our Community (W)

4:50 PM  Vaughn (W)  v  Bert Corona

5:40 PM  MSA  v  SFVA (W)



Friday October 26th

4:50 PM  MSA  v  Our Community (W)



Tuesday October 2nd

4:00 PM  Our Community (W) v  SFVA

4:50 PM  CHIME Blue (W)  v  MSA

5:40 PM  CHIME White  v  Vaughn (W)



Tuesday October 30th @ CHIME

CHIME Blue (W) v  CHIME White


Thursday November 1st @ SFVA

4:30 PM  SFVA  v  Bert Corona (W)

5:30 PM  Bert Corona (W)  v  MSA



Tuesday October 9th

4:00 PM  MSA (W)  v  CHIME White

4:50 PM  SFVA  v  CHIME Blue (W)

5:40 PM  Bert Corona  v  Our Community (W)

Tuesday November 6th

4:30 PM  Vaughn  v  CHIME Blue

5:30 PM  Our Community  v  Vaughn



1st Place Sports Complex: 9400 Penfield St, Chatsworth 91311