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Stay Up-to-Date with FIYA

 FIYA Spring Sports Cancelled 

Based on the timelines from our partner schools and the effects of our current pandemic, FIYA sadly had to officially cancel the 2020 Spring sports season.  

On behalf of our organization, we would still like to wish all of FIYA's graduating student athletes much success in high school and we look forward to welcoming back returning and new FIYA student athletes in the Fall 2020.  Despite having cancelled all current Spring seasons, we will continue to post updated content on our various platforms and website including information about the sporting events for the 2020-21 school year.  Our continued wishes for everyone to be safe and healthy, and please be sure to stay in touch with FIYA!

Check out how you can stay engaged and up-to-date below. 






In the meantime, we encourage all participants and members of the FIYA community to follow and like FIYA on social media (@fiyathletics) to keep in touch with us virtually - where we'll continue to post updates and exciting content from previous FIYA seasons, and share ideas and activities to keep our students and families engaged, active, and healthy during this time. 

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While FIYA's spring seasons and competitions are currently cancelled, our staff and operations are still up and running to ensure our 2020-2021 programs and any upcoming opportunites will be available to our school participants once safe to do so. Aside from making a general donation, we currently have three specific areas of need that we wanted to share and humbly ask for your assistance: Coaches Support, Equipment Support, and General Operations Support. Huge thank you to all those who have already donated or purchased photos to donate to our cause, we really appreciate everyone's generosity and support and couldn't be more grateful. 

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We're extending an awesome opportunity for our schools and parents to purchase any and all of FIYA's photos of your team at a really affordable price for keepsake! As a reminder, FIYA is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so selling these photos, among our many other efforts, is a way for us to fundraise and invest in our upcoming seasons, programs, and services.


Photos Available for Purchase: 

2019 Cross Country

  • American Martyrs  
  • Beverly Vista
  • Century Community Charter
  • CITY
  • Culver City Middle School
  • El Segundo Middle School
  • ESLA
  • Good Shepherd 
  • Hale Charter Academy
  • Holy Trinity 
  • Intellectual Virtues Academy
  • Larchmont Charter LFP
  • Larchmont Charter Selma
  • Mark Twain Middle School
  • Milken Community School
  • Mirman School
  • Monsenor Oscar Romero (MORCS) 
  • New West Charter
  • Notre Dame Academy Elementary
  • Oakwood (North Hollywood) 
  • Para Los Ninos
  • Pilgrim School
  • Prepa Tec
  • PUC Excel
  • Santa Monica Alternative
  • SS Felicitas & Perpetua
  • St. Anastasia School
  • St. Brendan School
  • St. Mark School
  • Vaughn
  • Visitaiton School
  • WISH Charter
  • Wilder's Prep Academy


2019 Girls Flag Football League Championship

  • CITY
  • WISH Charter


2019 Boys Flag Football Playoffs

  • LaTijera Charter School 
  • Century Academy For Excellence (CAFE) 


2019 Boys Flag Football Division 1 & 1A Championships

  • New West Charter (Division 1A Championship) 
  • Animo Westside Charter (Division 1A Championship) 
  • KIPP Academy of Opportunity (Division 1 Championship) 
  • Culver City Middle School (Division 1 Championship)


2019 Girls Volleyball Division 1 & 1A Playoffs 

  • CITY
  • Mark Twain Middle School 
  • Hale Academy Charter 
  • Culver City Middle School (Blue) 
  • Harry Bridges 
  • Our Community School 
  • Beverly Vista
  • Culver City Middle School (White) 
  • Magnolia Science Academy 8 Bell 


2020 Girls Basketball Division 1 & 1A Playoffs 

  • CITY
  • WISH Charter
  • Culver City Middle School (Silver) 
  • Culver City Middle School (Blue) 
  • Culver City Middle School (White)
  • LACES 
  • Visitation School 
  • Wilders Prep Academy 
  • KIPP Academy of Opportunity 
  • Vaughn 
  • Our Community School 
  • Eisner Middle School 


2020 Boys Basketball Division 1 & 1A Playoffs 

  • Beverly Vista 
  • Animo Mae Jemison 
  • Culver City Middle School (Red) 
  • CITY 
  • Animo Legacy 
  • Culver City Middle School (Blue) 
  • KJ STEM 
  • Mark Twain Middle School (Red) 
  • Frederick Price 
  • R.O.N. Institute 
  • Grace Hopper 
  • Culver City Middle School (Silver) 
  • ISANA Nascent 
  • Larchmont Charter LFP 
  • Crozier Middle School 
  • KIPP Academy of Opportunity 
  • LA Adventist 
  • LACES 


All purchases will serve as a donation to FIYA which makes for a great cause, so it's really a win-win! Not to mention we're allowing for “team orders” meaning just one charge for the complete team collection. From there, you can distribute the photos to your entire team and split the cost. 5 parents x $10 or 10 parents x $5 would give you the entire team package! 


If you have any questions or if you or any of your parents are interested in this opportunity, please email any and all inquiries to for more info and further instructions on how to order.  



1 Hi-Res Digital Download Photo: $2/photo 
6-10 Photos: $10
11-20 Photos: $20
21-40 Photos: $30
41-60 Photos: $40
Full Team Package (60+): $50 (
Best Value!

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 Thursday, May 14th 







Prepare for next school year's seasons by enhancing your coaching skills, knowledge of the sport, or diversify your practice plan by checking out FIYA's Pinterest Boards for each of our sports offerings and catered to each participant in FIYA. This is a great time to better ourselves for our kids and their experience in school sports. No matter how many years you've been coaching, serving as an athletic director or PE Teacher, there's always room to learn more and to grow in the role you play for our youth student-athletes! PLUS we have a great Pinterest Board specifically for indoor activities / at-home exercises and games for families and kids to try out during the quarantine. 

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 FIYA Fall Sports-Specific Pinterest Boards:  

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 FIYA Winter Sports-Specific Pinterest Boards:   

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 FIYA Spring Sports-Specific Pinterest Boards:   

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We wish everyone good health with many blessings to come and ask that you please stay at home. As members of the community, we encourage all to look out for one another, show compassion, and practice healthy and safe habits as advised during this time.


The FIYA Team