Spirit Competition - Updated Information as of March 16

Friday May 6, 2016 at St Mary's Academy is Date of Event

The 2016 FIYA Spirit Competition will be on Friday May 6, 2016 at St Mary's Academy in Inglewood.  Doors will open at 5 pm and the Spirit Competition will start at 6 pm.  There will be a $5 spectator entrance fee for all adults.  And note that there will be a snack bar available as well.

The deadline to register your school team is Friday April 29, 2016.  On this page you will find a FIYA Team Registration form.  Please complete this form and email the form to Nick Galvan at nickgalvan@onfiya.org.  The registration fee is $65 per team per event.  Please mail a check made payable to FIYA at PO Box 451373, Los Angeles, CA 90045.  Note if you are registering more than one team, you then will be submitting more than one FIYA Team Registration form.  So however many teams you are registering, that is how many FIYA Team Registration forms you need to complete.

FIYA has once again partnered with Sharp to conduct the Spirit Competition.  Also listed on this page you will find information about Spirit Categories as provided by Sharp.  To determine what events you are registering your team for, please review the document.  If you have any questions about the information in the document please contact Monique Sharp at missharpie@sbcglobal.net or 877.742.7780.  Each category has 3 age/grade level divisions:  Division 1 is for 8th grade and below, Division 2 is for 6th grade and below and Division 3 is for 4th grade and below.  

By way of example, if you plan to register a Division 1 show cheer team, a Division 2 dance team and a Division 3 hip hop team, you would be completing three registration forms and emailing all three to Nick Galvan at nickgalvan@onfiya.org ON OR BEFORE Friday April 29, 2016.  You will send in payment to FIYA in the amount of $195 (3 teams multiplied by $65) at PO Box 451373, Los Angeles, CA 90045 ON OR BEFORE Friday April 29, 2016.  All specific questions about spirit performances should be directed to Monique Sharp at missharpie@sbcglobal.net or 877.742.7780