Division 2 Girls Soccer - Westside League

as of March 18

FIYA Soccer

Division 2 GIRLS

Westside League


as of March 18, 2017


Culver City                                                                  Highland

New West                                                                    Oak Street

The City School                                                           Stella

TBD @ Culver City

4PM New West v Culver City

Monday April 24 @ Highland

4PM Highland v Culver City

5PM Stella v New West

6PM Oak Street v The City School


Friday April 28 @ Culver City

4PM Oak Street v Culver City


Thursday March 30 @ Highland

4PM The City School v Highland

5PM New West v Oak Street




Thursday May 4 @ Highland

4PM Oak Street v Stella

5PM Highland v New West

Friday May 5 @ Culver City

Culver City v The City School


Thursday April 6 @ Highland

4PM New West v The City School

5PM Stella v Highland

Thursday May 11 @ Highland

4PM Highland v Stella

5PM The City School V New West


Friday May 12 @ Culver City

5PM Culver City v New West

6PM Stella v Oak Street

Thursday April 20 @ Highland

4PM Highland v Oak Street

5PM The City School v Stella


Friday April 21 @ Playa Vista

5PM Culver City v Stella

Monday May 15 @ Highland

330 Oak Street v Highland

430 The City School v Culver City


Highland – 430 Venice Way, Inglewood 90302

Culver City – 4601 Elenda Street, Culver City 90230

Playa Vista - 13196 Bluff Creek Drive, LA 90094