FIYA Soccer Rules

applies to Divisions 1 and 2

  • 11 v 11 for Divisions 1 and 2
  • In Divisions 1 and 2, a team must begin a game with at least seven (7) players or else it is a forfeit.
  • 25 minute halves with running time; no time added for injuries.
  • Five minute halftime.
  • No timeouts.
  • Free substitution. Substitution on own possession, goal kick, or after a goal is scored.
  • Size 5 ball, each team should be prepared to provide one game ball.
  • Off sides is in effect.
  • In the regular season, there is no overtime or penalty kicks and a game may end in a tie.
  • In playoffs, if a game is tied after regulation there will be NO OVERTIME period.  Rather, game will be resolved by five (5) penalty kicks for each team.  The entire roster is eligible for penalty kicks.
  • Mercy rule - if a team leads by 4 or more goals with 10 minutes or less remaining in the second half, the game is ruled a mercy.  During the regular season, such games may continue to be played but during playoffs the game will be called.
  • Standings determined by points. A win is worth 3 points, a tie one point, a loss 0 points, and a forfeit -3 points.
  • Metal cleats may not be worn.
  • Shin guards must be worn.
  • A red card results in an ejection. Two yellow cards in one game equal a red card.  See FIYA Regulation Manual Article III, Section 5 for ejection impact on future games 
  • For anything not mentioned above, FIFA rules are in effect.



FIYA Futsal Rules

applies to Division 2 and 3

  • 5 v 5, four outfielders plus a goalkeeper.
  • For Division 2 - 24 minute halves with running time; no time added for injuries.
  • For Division 3 - 20 minute halves with running time; no time added for injuries.
  • Three (3) minute halftime.
  • One timeout (30 sec) per half.
  • All substitutions are on the fly; a substitute may not enter the match until the player leaving the match is at the touchline in the substitution zone.
  • Team benches are on defensive side of pitch and teams switch benches at halftime.
  • Size 4 ball for Division 2; Size 3 ball for Division 3.
  • No off sides is in effect.
  • Indoor gym shoes and shin guards must be worn.
  • FIYA futsal shall adopt many of the rules laid out in