Registration for eSports Tournament Now Open

Registration for FIYA eSPorts Tournaments is now open via the link below and will remain open until October 16th. Registrations will be done on an individual basis not by team, and payment of $25 per participant per tournament is due at the time of registration. An adult parent/guardian will need to create an account with LeagueApps prior to registering the student participant. Below are instructions on how to register individual students. If your school has a large number of particpants that you would like to register at once please contact us to discuss your options.


  1. Click “Register” for the tournament & division you would like to sign up for.


  2. Either log in to your account or create a new one.


  3. Enter child info.


  4. Answer the questions displayed, including contact information for a school representative which is required to enable verification of the participant if necessary.


  5. Read and accept the FIYA waiver.


  6. After accepting the waiver:


    1. If only registering for one tournament, proceed to payment,


    2. If registering for another click “add another registration” and follow steps 3-6.


  7. Select “Bank Account” or “Credit Card” for payment method.


  8. That’s it! After you pay you will see a confirmation displayed as well as receive an email with the same information.



If you have any questions about the registration process or the LeagueApps platform, please contact John Farren at


Click here to register for FIYA eSports Tournaments.