Registration for eSports Leagues Now Open

Registration for eSports Leagues for Rocket League, Fortnite, and Overwatch is now open! Registration for eSports tournaments for Madden NFL, NBA 2K, & Chess will open September 28th. Below is a link to our new registration page, but before starting please read through this brief explainer on the new system.


FIYA Registration will now be done through LeagueApps which should make for a much smoother and easier process for everyone. The first time you register you must create an account on LeagueApps, which can be done as part of the registration process or by clicking “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the LeagueApps registration page. Once you have created your account, follow these simple steps to register:


  1. Click “Register” for the sport & division you would like to sign up for.
  2. Either log in to your account or create a new one.
  3. Select your role with the team - Principal, Athletic Director, or Coach.
  4. Under “School Team Name” enter the school name. If you have more than one team for the same sport and same division, include the school name, game name, and a number to differentiate them. For example, if you have two school teams in Rocket League, the names should be Booker Academy #1 Rocket League and Booker Academy #2 Rocket League.  
  5. Answer the questions displayed.
  6. Enter the contact information for the school Principal, Athletic Director, and Coach.

Note: Unfortunately this information will need to be entered each time you register a team. Please answer the questions in Step 5 each time as this will help with scheduling, but for the contact information you can write “same as previous” for the Principal and AD. For the coach, please include the name of the coach of each team even if it is the same, and of course include all of the coach’s information if it is different.

  1. Read and accept the FIYA waiver.
  2. After accepting the waiver:

    1. If just registering one team, click “Save school team and go to the next step.” 
    2. If registering more than one team for the same game, click “Add another school team,” select the division, and repeat steps 4-7. 
    3. If registering another team for a different game, click “Save school and go to the next step and scroll down and click “Add Another Registration” and follow steps 4-7.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must select “create a new school team” each time. If you “select a school team to join” you will just be adding your account to a team already registered, NOT registering a separate new team. 

  1. If paying at the time of registration, select “Bank Account” or “Credit Card.” Note there is a 2% processing fee for paying online.
  2. If you prefer to mail a check, select “Skip/Pay Later.”
  3. That’s it! You will see a confirmation displayed as well as receive an email with the same information.

Some other important information:

  • Each team registered is tied to the person who registers it, so if a coach registers one team and the principal another, these teams are not tied to each other in the LeagueApps system. This will not affect your registration at all but may somewhat limit the usefulness of LeagueApps for your school.
  • Along those lines, there is deep functionality in terms of roster management and communication available to you through LeagueApps should you desire to use it. If so, we recommend that you register all teams throughout the year from the same LeagueApps account. 


If you have any questions about the new registration process or the LeagueApps platform, please contact John Farren. While there is sure to be a learning process, we strongly believe this new system will be much better for everyone once you get comfortable with it.

Click here to register for FIYA eSports Leagues.