FIYA School Membership WILL NOT be offered for the 2020-21 school year 

Registration for FIYA Membership will be made available again for the 2021-2022 school year. Once registration opens, you will need to submit an application for your school with the corresponding link that will be listed to the right of this page. Read below for more information on FIYA School Membership, its cost, and benefits! 



 What is a FIYA School Membership?   

  • FIYA School Membership is a voluntary membership opportunity for all Los Angeles elementary and middle schools that participate or plan on participating in FIYA for the current school year.
  • It's our way of creating a special offer particularly for schools that participate in multiple FIYA athletic events / tournaments throughout the school year - espeically those that typically participate or plan on participating in every FIYA season (Fall, Winter, and Spring). 
  • Cost: $125 per school for the entire school year.



 What are the Benefits of Being a FIYA School Member? 

Exclusive Membership Discounts: 

FIYA Membership, among other things, entitles schools to a discounted rate when registering their teams or student-athletes for ANY and ALL FIYA-related athletic offerings. 


Team Rates:

FIYA Member Schools pay $495 per team versus $540 per team for FIYA league events (Includes leagues such as: Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Futsal)


Individual Student-Athlete Rates: 

Similarly, FIYA Member Schools only pay $10 versus $13 per student-athlete for FIYA tournament events (Includes: Cross Country meets, Ping Pong Tournaments, Dance Competitions, and Track & Field Meets).




You only need to register for FIYA Membership if your school wants FIYA Membership benefits.

If your school does not desire FIYA Membership at this time, you may skip the FIYA membership registration. Schools that are not FIYA Members may still register for any FIYA sports leagues / tournaments that your school is interested by clicking on the appropriate links on our registration page.