For the 2020-21 school year, 

EVERY coach with teams competing in FIYA league events (Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Futsal, Soccer) will need to complete our online coaching certification. Please continue reading below for more info and instructions. 


 Reminder for returning coaches: 

Certification is good for 5 years in FIYA; all coaches who successfully completed the online certification below in the previous school year are not required to do so again this season; renewal only will be necessary after their 5 years expire. 



 More About FIYA's Coaching Certification Program: 

(A)  FIYA has partnered with NAYS (National Association of Youth Sports) which offers a variety of resources and training to assist coaches of youth sports;


(B)  For FIYA coaches participating in our league sports, each coach must present their NAYS coaching membership card to the officials prior to each FIYA game. FIYA League Sports include: Volleyball, Flag Football, Floorball, Basketball, Soccer, and Futsal; 


(C)  In order to obtain a NAYS coaching membership card, each coach must (1) take the Coaching Youth sports online training; (2) one sport-specific training course; and (3) sign the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches (collectively the "Coaching Certification Program");


(D)  The instructions for the Coaching Certification Program can be found under "REGISTRATION FORMS" on our registration page.  Print out the instructions and follow the instructions when you log on to;


(E)  The FIYA Coaching Certification Program is good for five (5) years.  After five (5) years, a coach must retake the entire Coaching Certification Program; and


(F)  The cost for the Coaching Certification is FREE for 2 coaches from each team.  Or, in other words, the cost of the team registration covers the cost for 2 coaches to obtain the Coaching Certification Program.  **NOTE: If a team has more than 2 coaches, the school must cover the cost for each additional coach.  The cost is $20 for each additional coach and FIYA will invoice the school.**




Special thanks to our partners at NAYS for helping make this program possible, and a big thanks also to all of our incoming and returning coaches for playing such an important role in our programs! If it weren't for your commitment, time, and effort, school sports would not be possible for your student-athletes and we do not take that lightly.