FIYA Boys Volleyball Registration - Divisions 1 and 2

is now OPEN


Final Day to register your school team though the online registration (see link under Registration Headlines on right hand side of this page) is Friday March 8th.  Complete ONE online registration for EACH SCHOOL TEAM you wish to enter.

Girls volleyball is offered in the fall.  For the spring, the emphasis is on boys.  Some schools need females to complete their roster.  This is acceptable but only 2 females maximum are allowed on the court during a match.



A reminder that Division 1 is 8th grade and below and Division 2 is 6th grade and below.  When leagues are formed, the first and foremost criteria taken into account is geography (we strive to put teams in same geographic area together).  If your school team prefers that we consider competition level over geography, please indicate such in the Pertinent Comments section of the online registration.  (In other words, if your team is willing to travel further in order to have more games against similarly skilled opponents, please let us know).



Draft schedules will be emailed prior to the mandatory coaches meeting.  There will be a few coaches meetings and your coach should attend the geographic meeting for which your team is placed.  The coaches meetings will occur the week of March 11.  As soon as dates and locations are finalized, they will be published.

Draft schedules will be emailed prior to March 21.  There is no coaches meeting for boys volleyball.



Registration Deadline: Friday March 8th

Coaches Meetings: Week of March 11th 

Regular Season Starts: March 25th

Regular Season Ends: by May 24th  

Division 1 Playoffs: Starting the week of May 27th 

*There is no playoffs in Divisions 2.