Coaching Certification for ALL FIYA Coaches


 For the 2019-20 school year, each coach in FIYA will need to complete an online coaching certification. 

(A)  FIYA has partnered with NAYS (National Association of Youth Sports) which offers a variety of resources to assist coaches of youth sports;

(B)  For FIYA coaches in FIYA sports league, each coach in FIYA must present their NAYS coaching membership card to the officials prior to each game;

(C)  In order to obtain a NAYS coaching membership card, each coach must (1) take the Coaching Youth sports online training; (2) one sport-specific training course; and (3) sign the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches (collectively the "Coaching Certification Program");

(D)  The instructions for the Coaching Certification Program can be found under "REGISTRATION FORMS" to the right.  Print out the instructions and follow the instructions when you log on to;

(E)  The FIYA Coaching Certification Program is good for five (5) years.  After five (5) years, a coach must retake the entire Coaching Certification Program; and

(F)  The cost for the Coaching Certification is FREE for 1 coach from each team.  Or, in other words, the cost of the team registration covers the cost for 1 coach to obtain the Coaching Certification Program.  If a team has multiple coaches, the school must cover the cost for each additional coach.  The cost is $20 for each additional coach and FIYA will invoice the school.