Registration Information about Track & Field

as of March 16

In order to register for any of the FIYA track meets, you MUST do the following AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE TRACK MEET:

1. Go to;

2. Setup a Team Account by Clicking on Team Signup button;

3. Complete the information required (those with an asterisk *). NOTE - for "Team Type" use the drop down menu and select "High School";

4. You then enter your entire track roster by entering each athlete's first and last name, gender and grade level;

5. After entering your roster, you can then find the FIYA track meet that you are interested in signing your athletes up. In order to do this accurately, you need to know the following guidelines for a FIYA track and field event:

  • Division 1 is for 8th grade and below; Division 2 is for 6th grade and below; and Division 3 is for 4th grade and below.
  • For Division 1 and Division 2, each athlete may compete in NO MORE than 3 events; For Division 3, each athlete may compete in as many as 4 events.
  • For each event in Division 1 and Division 2, a school may enter no more than 3 athletes per event. For relays, each school may enter two relay teams but only one relay team (as designated at meet) will count toward team points.
  • For Division 3, a school may enter unlimited athletes for the 50 M and 400 M. For relays in Division 3, each school may enter up to two relay teams. For Division 3 turbo javelin, each school may enter up to 8 athletes only.

6. The cost to participate in a FIYA Track Meet is $10 per athlete. Upon arriving at the track meet, track coaches should report to the registration table. The track coach should make one payment for all of the track athletes at the registration table. We will accept cash, check or credit card. For credit cards, there will be $1 service fee transaction. Again you only are paying for the track athletes whom you have registered on MeetRegister. You will receive a bib number for each track athlete which he/she should wear on the front of the shirt.

Registration Information about Soccer

as of January 24

Information about FIYA Soccer/Futsal 2017 Season
FIYA offers interscholastic soccer leagues for elementary schools. We organize soccer leagues based on factors such as geography, gender and grade level. Division 1 is for 8th grade and below and Division 2 is for 6th and below. Both Division 1 and Division 2 is traditional 11 v 11 soccer. In addition, FIYA will offer two additional leagues (both of which are contingent upon a necessary number of registered teams): (A) Division 1A soccer which is for 8th grade and below but is intended for schools with smaller school enrollment and/or lesser experienced players. Division 1A is more developmental and is 9 v 9 outdoor soccer; and (B) Division 3 futsal which is for 4th grade and below. Futsal is 5 v 5 soccer played on an indoors basketball court.

The deadline to register your school’s intent to participate in FIYA soccer and/or futsal is ON or BEFORE Wednesday March 1, 2017.  Posted on our Registration page of our website (see to the left) is the registration form for both boys and girls soccer/futsal.  Please download the registration forms, complete them and email them to FIYA at  Phone calls and text messages are unofficial and therefore not guaranteed.  Any emails received after March 1 will be placed on the wait list and will be added only if they can be accommodated. Upon receipt of your school’s intent to register, we will send an invoice to your school.  Payments of invoice can be made at the mandatory coaches meeting. The cost to participate is $495 per team which includes all fees.  If your team drops from the league after final schedules are issued, the fees are not refundable.

Draft schedules will be emailed around March 10.  There are mandatory coaches meetings that will take place the week of March 13th.  A representative of your school needs to attend just the meeting in the region where the school team will play.  If your school cannot send a representative to attend the mandatory coaches meeting, you should seriously consider NOT registering a soccer team for your school.  The dates and locations of such soccer meetings will be provided in early March. Check our soccer page on our website at  Each school team will play 7 to 8 regular season games.  The regular season will start the week of March 20 and will end in mid-May. Playoffs for Division 1 and 1A will begin May 15 until the end of May.  There are no playoffs in Division 2 and Division 3.

Lastly, FIYA soccer games occur at centralized facilities during the weekdays between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm. If your school has a soccer field or gym or access to either, we are in need of centralized playing facilities to host the games. We are certainly open to considering any soccer fields and/or gyms so long as they work within the parameters of our business model. Please contact Nick Galvan at or John Mueller at .


Sports Offerings for 2016-17

League Events and Tournament Events

Below is a general outline of what sports FIYA will provide for the 2016-17 school year.  Details on how to register for the League Events are below.  In general, League Events last 8-10 weeks and each team plays approximately 8 regular season games. The cost is $495 per team for flag fooball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and futsal. For archery, the cost is $595 and there is a different process to join the FIYA archery league.  Costs vary for our Tournament Events and details will be posted here at least one month prior to each Tournament Event.
If you have any questions or would like to be added to our emal list please send your name, school, phone number, and email to
  • Girls Volleyball league
  • Coed Flag Football league
  • 4-5 Cross Country meets (Divisions 1, 2 & 3)
  • Table Tennis tournament 
  • Boys & Girls Basketball leagues
  • Bowling tournament
  • Whiffle Ball tournament
  • Spirit competition
  • Boys & Girls Soccer leagues
  • 3-5 Track meets
  • Archery league
  • Futsal league (for Division 2 & 3)