Registration for eSports Leagues Now Open

Registration for eSports Leagues for Rocket League, Fortnite, and Overwatch is now open! Registration for eSports tournaments for Madden NFL, NBA 2K, & Chess will open September 28th. Below is a link to our new registration page, but before starting please read through this brief explainer on the new system.


FIYA Registration will now be done through LeagueApps which should make for a much smoother and easier process for everyone. The first time you register you must create an account on LeagueApps, which can be done as part of the registration process or by clicking “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the LeagueApps registration page. Once you have created your account, follow these simple steps to register:


  1. Click “Register” for the sport & division you would like to sign up for.
  2. Either log in to your account or create a new one.
  3. Select your role with the team - Principal, Athletic Director, or Coach.
  4. Under “School Team Name” enter the school name. If you have more than one team for the same sport and same division, include the school name, game name, and a number to differentiate them. For example, if you have two school teams in Rocket League, the names should be Booker Academy #1 Rocket League and Booker Academy #2 Rocket League.  
  5. Answer the questions displayed.
  6. Enter the contact information for the school Principal, Athletic Director, and Coach.

Note: Unfortunately this information will need to be entered each time you register a team. Please answer the questions in Step 5 each time as this will help with scheduling, but for the contact information you can write “same as previous” for the Principal and AD. For the coach, please include the name of the coach of each team even if it is the same, and of course include all of the coach’s information if it is different.

  1. Read and accept the FIYA waiver.
  2. After accepting the waiver:

    1. If just registering one team, click “Save school team and go to the next step.” 
    2. If registering more than one team for the same game, click “Add another school team,” select the division, and repeat steps 4-7. 
    3. If registering another team for a different game, click “Save school and go to the next step and scroll down and click “Add Another Registration” and follow steps 4-7.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must select “create a new school team” each time. If you “select a school team to join” you will just be adding your account to a team already registered, NOT registering a separate new team. 

  1. If paying at the time of registration, select “Bank Account” or “Credit Card.” Note there is a 2% processing fee for paying online.
  2. If you prefer to mail a check, select “Skip/Pay Later.”
  3. That’s it! You will see a confirmation displayed as well as receive an email with the same information.

Some other important information:

  • Each team registered is tied to the person who registers it, so if a coach registers one team and the principal another, these teams are not tied to each other in the LeagueApps system. This will not affect your registration at all but may somewhat limit the usefulness of LeagueApps for your school.
  • Along those lines, there is deep functionality in terms of roster management and communication available to you through LeagueApps should you desire to use it. If so, we recommend that you register all teams throughout the year from the same LeagueApps account. 


If you have any questions about the new registration process or the LeagueApps platform, please contact John Farren. While there is sure to be a learning process, we strongly believe this new system will be much better for everyone once you get comfortable with it.

Click here to register for FIYA eSports Leagues.




Due to ongoing issues related to COVID-19 and most schools beginning the year in a distance learning format, we will not be offering Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Flag Football, or Floorball registration at this time. If you are interested in these sports, please contact us so that we can discuss the situation further. 

We thank all our school participants for their patience and support as we navigate the uncharted waters of the COVID-19. These are unprecedented times and FIYA is working tirelessly to provide participation opportunities where and when it is safe to do so. Moving forward, we will continue to send out emails to keep you informed of the status of FIYA athletic events in the 2020-21 school year. If you'd like to be added to our email list to receive such announcements and information, please click here





As of July 29, 2020

On this page, we will be updating all upcoming FIYA sports events and leagues being offered in the 2020-2021 school year. Fall 2020 sports offerings will be announced soon and registration instructions will become available shortly (Please see registration opening dates and deadlines below and on our calendar to the right).

*NOTE FOR 2020-21 REGISTRATION: FIYA's excited to report that we will be using a new and improved platform for our sports registration process, so if you're a returning FIYA participant, please be prepared to learn how you will be registering your teams this year.  




There will be NO School Membership offered for the 2020-2021 school year. However, if you're interested in membership for future school years and want to learn about its cost and benefits for participating schools in FIYA, please be sure to first scroll down and read about our FIYA School Membership offering.

On the other hand, if your school still plans on participating in any of our upcoming seasons this 2020-21 school year, please review our mandatory Coaching Certification program required for ALL FIYA participating coaches.




As a general rule of thumb, we encourage all incoming AND returning FIYA participants to re-read our "FAQ About FIYA Athletic Events" document and our Regulations Manual as we update both documents annually prior to each upcoming school year. If you still have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to email us at


*NOTE REGARDING COVID-19: We are planning for a full year of FIYA sports in 2020-2021, but it is subject to change and revisions may be implemented based on any government restrictions or other issues related to COVID-19. Consequently, if any currently scheduled event is to be cancelled, payments for FIYA leagues and tournaments will be reimbursed in full to registered schools.




All school / team registration applications for our Fall 2020 offerings will be announced and posted shortly. Schools are allowed to register more than one team per athletic event so that more students can participate! 

When registration officially opens, please complete and submit an application for each team you wish to register using our instructions that will be provided shortly. 




2020-2021 Sports Offerings




*Division 1 = 8th Grade & Below 

*Division 2 = 6th Grade & Below 

*Division 3 = 4th Grade & Below 

Click here for more info on our Fall 2020 Virtual Cross Country Program 




*Division 1 = 8th Grade & Below 

*Division 2 = 6th Grade & Below 

*Division 3 = 4th Grade & Below 

Click here for more info on our eSports program




*Division 1 = 8th Grade & Below 

*Division 2 = 6th Grade & Below 

*Division 3 = 4th Grade & Below 

Click here for more info on our eSports program



Be sure to check back to our website throughout the 2020-21 school year for more updated information on upcoming FIYA offerings, registration deadlines and other important info in regards to our after-school programs! 


Click the shield above to return to the top of our Registration Page. 




 FIYA School Membership WILL NOT be offered for the 2020-21 school year 

Registration for FIYA Membership will be made available again for the 2021-2022 school year. Once registration opens, you will need to submit an application for your school with the corresponding link that will be listed to the right of this page. Read below for more information on FIYA School Membership, its cost, and benefits! 



 What is a FIYA School Membership?   

  • FIYA School Membership is a voluntary membership opportunity for all Los Angeles elementary and middle schools that participate or plan on participating in FIYA for the current school year.
  • It's our way of creating a special offer particularly for schools that participate in multiple FIYA athletic events / tournaments throughout the school year - espeically those that typically participate or plan on participating in every FIYA season (Fall, Winter, and Spring). 
  • Cost: $125 per school for the entire school year.



 What are the Benefits of Being a FIYA School Member? 

Exclusive Membership Discounts: 

FIYA Membership, among other things, entitles schools to a discounted rate when registering their teams or student-athletes for ANY and ALL FIYA-related athletic offerings. 


Team Rates:

FIYA Member Schools pay $495 per team versus $540 per team for FIYA league events (Includes leagues such as: Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Futsal)


Individual Student-Athlete Rates: 

Similarly, FIYA Member Schools only pay $10 versus $13 per student-athlete for FIYA tournament events (Includes: Cross Country meets, Ping Pong Tournaments, Dance Competitions, and Track & Field Meets).




You only need to register for FIYA Membership if your school wants FIYA Membership benefits.

If your school does not desire FIYA Membership at this time, you may skip the FIYA membership registration. Schools that are not FIYA Members may still register for any FIYA sports leagues / tournaments that your school is interested by clicking on the appropriate links on our registration page.






 For the 2020-21 school year, 

EVERY coach with teams competing in FIYA league events (Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Futsal, Soccer) will need to complete our online coaching certification. Please continue reading below for more info and instructions. 


 Reminder for returning coaches: 

Certification is good for 5 years in FIYA; all coaches who successfully completed the online certification below in the previous school year are not required to do so again this season; renewal only will be necessary after their 5 years expire. 



 More About FIYA's Coaching Certification Program: 

(A)  FIYA has partnered with NAYS (National Association of Youth Sports) which offers a variety of resources and training to assist coaches of youth sports;


(B)  For FIYA coaches participating in our league sports, each coach must present their NAYS coaching membership card to the officials prior to each FIYA game. FIYA League Sports include: Volleyball, Flag Football, Floorball, Basketball, Soccer, and Futsal; 


(C)  In order to obtain a NAYS coaching membership card, each coach must (1) take the Coaching Youth sports online training; (2) one sport-specific training course; and (3) sign the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches (collectively the "Coaching Certification Program");


(D)  The instructions for the Coaching Certification Program can be found under "REGISTRATION FORMS" on our registration page.  Print out the instructions and follow the instructions when you log on to;


(E)  The FIYA Coaching Certification Program is good for five (5) years.  After five (5) years, a coach must retake the entire Coaching Certification Program; and


(F)  The cost for the Coaching Certification is FREE for 2 coaches from each team.  Or, in other words, the cost of the team registration covers the cost for 2 coaches to obtain the Coaching Certification Program.  **NOTE: If a team has more than 2 coaches, the school must cover the cost for each additional coach.  The cost is $20 for each additional coach and FIYA will invoice the school.**




Special thanks to our partners at NAYS for helping make this program possible, and a big thanks also to all of our incoming and returning coaches for playing such an important role in our programs! If it weren't for your commitment, time, and effort, school sports would not be possible for your student-athletes and we do not take that lightly.