FIYA Participants

Whether you're a current FIYA school participant, are interested in participating in FIYA, or simply wish to learn more on FIYA and its participants, we thank you for your interest and taking part in our organization!


FIYA is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation formed in 2011 to provide interscholastic youth sports competitions and opportunities to all communities of Los Angeles ranging from North, South, East, West, to Central LA, plus the San Fernando Valley and Long Beach areas.


We proudly serve and are open for participation to ALL Los Angeles elementary and middle schools (charter, public, private, independent, boarding, religious, dual-lingual, etc.) with our age divisions primarily ranging from 8th grade & below. We take great pride in our schools, representing over 50 zip codes of Los Angeles County, that make up our community. 



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If you'd like to learn more about the specifics of who we are, what sports we offer, and how we operate, check out the additional links under "More On FIYA" to the right of this page or listed below.