Learn how you can give back in the 2019-2020 School Year!

Check out our donation page for the various ways in which you can contribute or get involved with FIYAthletics. Help contribute to the betterment of our nonprofit and the communities + youth we serve every day. We are stronger when we work together! #togetherFIYA

Learn how you can give back in the 2019-2020 School Year!




This holiday season, help build the FIYA organization and community by giving back!

As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, FIYA looks to any and all means of support to help maintain the quality care our organization provides for all of our student athletes.


Not only do we serve our community through FIYA athletic programs, competitions, and other opportunities, but in following our mission to "strengthen schools through sports", we're helping schools in economically disadvantaged areas of Los Angeles to develop their school's athletic programs and establish an accessible platform for their students to experience the values, education, and physical activity that come with participating in school athletics. 


Whether you're a relative or spectator of one of our athletes, or a foundation or brand willing to partner with us, we're open arms to anyone who wants to contribute and make a difference in this community.


When we think of who runs this organziation, we never think solely of our founders or the operating FIYA Team, but everyone; every school, every student, every coach, athletic director, and all of YOU: our donors, sponsors, partners, and down right every person or thing that has contributed or been involved in the efforts of our foundation. 


We genuinely rely on this unity and believe that TOGETHER, we can help strengthen these Los Angeles youth schools and students for years to come!


Thank you for your kind consideration,  

- The FIYA Community 




We believe that donating or sponsoring a charitable cause can be very personal, having purpose and significance both for our organization but also for our donor. In that spirit, FIYA has various ways in which you can donate to your most desired preference! 

Check out our Donation Page see which means of donating you're most interested in. 



If you have experience in coaching, athletics, health & wellness, youth development, or simply want to volunteer for a good cause, please reach out to us and see how you can get involved!

FIYA is always looking for more partnership opportunities with anyone from athletes to coaches, trainers, health professionals, to other sports, youth, health & wellness-related figures who together, can help FIYA provide more workshops, trainings, presenations, and other related opportunities for our underserved schools and student athletes!

Contact our Communications & Publicity Coordinator at malloryrawson@onfiya.org if you're interested or think you can positively contribute to our community! We'd love to hear your ideas and what you can bring to our organization.