Latest Update from FIYA

Read up on our most recent announcement (on 7/23/20) regarding the status of our upcoming seasons, and check out the ways you can stay up-to-date with FIYA.

Latest Update from FIYA


To all of our school participants, potential new participants, and school officials:

We hope this message finds you well and that this unique summer of 2020 has provided you with some rest and relaxation.  We wanted to check in to say hello and give you an update on our end.

Like a lot of households during this pandemic, FIYA has been busy during the last few months addressing our various household to do projects. We have completed some, are currently working on others, and are in the process of starting new ones. We believe all such projects contribute greatly to our mission of strengthening schools through sports. We are equally confident that our partner schools will be excited to learn about these developments and we hope you will enjoy the benefits once they are officially introduced. Starting in August, we will make periodic announcements about such developments so please stay tuned!

We know that schools are taking a cautious approach to the start of the 2020-21 school year.  As a partner organization, FIYA will continue to support our schools, staff and student athletes in the best and safest way possible. We understand it may not be possible for schools to participate in the traditional fall sports of Girls Volleyball and Girls & Boys Flag Football, but we stand ready to provide them if enough schools are willing and able to join. In the meantime we are developing some new sports programming in the event that schools continue with their distant learning model. We will announce the details of such programming when schools open in early to mid August.

If you have any questions or wish to share some ideas of your own about our programming for this coming fall, feel free to contact us at We'd love to hear your input and needs for the upcoming school year. Additionally, if you think your school would be interested in and able to participate in the traditional sports please also let us know. 

Our continued good wishes to your school community to stay safe and healthy and to enjoy the remainder of your summer!


All our best, 

John Mueller               John Farren                       Mallory Rawson
Executive Director        Director of Operations        Director of Communications



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In the meantime, we encourage all participants and members of the FIYA community to follow and like FIYA on social media (@fiyathletics) to keep in touch with us virtually - where we'll continue to post updates and exciting content from previous FIYA seasons, and share ideas and activities to keep our students and families engaged, active, and healthy during this time. 

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While FIYA's spring seasons and competitions are currently cancelled, our staff and operations are still up and running to ensure our 2020-2021 programs and any upcoming opportunites will be available to our school participants once safe to do so. Aside from making a general donation, we currently have three specific areas of need that we wanted to share and humbly ask for your assistance: Coaches Support, Equipment Support, and General Operations Support. Huge thank you to all those who have already donated or purchased photos to donate to our cause, we really appreciate everyone's generosity and support and couldn't be more grateful. 

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Prepare for next school year's seasons by enhancing your coaching skills, knowledge of the sport, or diversify your practice plan by checking out FIYA's Pinterest Boards for each of our sports offerings and catered to each participant in FIYA. This is a great time to better ourselves for our kids and their experience in school sports. No matter how many years you've been coaching, serving as an athletic director or PE Teacher, there's always room to learn more and to grow in the role you play for our youth student-athletes! PLUS we have a great Pinterest Board specifically for indoor activities / at-home exercises and games for families and kids to try out during the quarantine. 

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We wish everyone good health with many blessings to come, and we ask that you please stay at home, practicing healthy and safe habits as advised by our health professionals. While our opportunities may be more limited, as a sports-based organization we'd like to remind both our adult leaders AND student-athletes to remember to stay physically and mentally active and to keep moving in the best ways you can during this time. There are plenty of safe, indoor exercises and fun activities that you can continue daily to stay fit and get those 30 minutes (minimum) of exercise in! Again, if you run out of ideas or need some inspiration, please do not hesitate to utilize the FIYA Stay-at-Home Fitness Pinterest Board as a guide. 


As members of the Los Angeles community, we encourage all to look out for one another, show compassion, wear a mask, wash your hands, and prioritize safety and your health.



The FIYA Team