FIYA Floorball Rules


  • Number of Players: Game consists of four (4) players and a goalie (5 v 5). The goalie may be substituted for an additional 'field' player if desired.
  • Time: Game consists of three (3) 15-minute periods with running clock, with a two-minute intermission between each period. One timeout per team per game. Teams switch goals before the start of each period. For the regular season there is no overtime. For playoffs overtime consists of one 5-minute sudden death period followed by penalty shots if necessary.
  • Equipment: All sticks & balls will be provided by FIYA.




  • Face offs are used to start the game and each period, to restart play after a goal, and in any other situation where play has stopped with no possession or advantage.
    • Feet must be perpendicular to center line, with each player equal distance from the center line
    • The stick must be held with a normal grip as during play.
    • The blade must be placed perpendicular to the center line on either side of the ball.
    • Play starts on the whistle of the referee.

  • Hit-ins are used to re-start play after the ball leaves the rink and is clearly touched last by one team.
    • Hit-in is taken from where the ball left the rink, 5 feet from the out of bounds line, with the opponents 10 feet from the ball.
    • The ball must be played directly with the stick but not dragged, flicked, or lifted on the stick.
    • The player taking the hit-in cannot touch the ball again before it is played by another player.
    • A hit-in may go directly into the goal.

  • Substitutions: Substitutions may occur at any time. Substitution zones shall be an area measuring 15 feet in front of each team’s bench area.

  • Out-of-Bounds: If the ball goes out of play the non-offending team will restart play with a free hit near where the ball left play.




  • For Infractions below, offending player will be assessed a 2-minute penalty: Offending player must sit for 2 minutes without being replaced. After a penalty play resumes with a free hit by the non-offending team if the penalty occurs with possession or a face-off if not connected to possession or if it is a delayed penalty. No more than two penalties may be assessed at the same time.
    • No catching the ball or touching the ball with the hands.
    • Players (except goalie) may not lay or kneel down to block shots or passes.
    • No holding of stick, player, or jersey
    • Illegal substitution or too many man on the floor.

  • For infractions below, non-offending team will be awarded a Free Hit: Ball is played as a direct free shot or pass from the spot of the infraction (although not behind the goal line extended or closer than 12 feet to the goal area) with opposing players no closer than 10 feet.
    • Foot passes are allowed, but players may not kick the ball twice in a row.
    • No playing the ball with the head
    • No jumping – one foot must be on the ground when receiving the ball
    • No playing of stick between opponents’ legs
    • Player cannot enter the goalie area, unless in the referee’s judgement play is not affected and the goalie is not hindered
    • Player may not raise the blasé of his stick above the waist on either the backswing or follow through
    • Player may not play or attempt to play the ball above the knees.

  • For infractions below either a 2-minute penalty will be served or a Free Hit will be awarded, at the discretion of the referee.
    • No stick checking, lifting, locking, or slashing.
    • No excessive body contact
    • Players must be 10 feet from the goalie when he controls the ball until he passes it out

  • For infractions below a 5-minute penalty will be assessed.
    • Any excessively violent or dangerous act.
    • Any excessive unsportsmanlike behavior.




Because floorball is new to FIYA and we recognize many schools and coaches will also be new to the game, we're providing as many free resources and tools as possible so that more of our students can learn and play the game with us! First, please start by visiting our How to Play Floorball Page. Following that, we highly recommend checking out our FIYA Floorball Pinterest Board and our FIYA Floorball YouTube Playlist - both equipped with enough content, ideas, demos, tutorials and more to get you and your team started. 

FIYA will also be hosting a FREE Coaches Clinic & Fair on Saturday, August 15th and in addition to our fall sports and other FIYA announcements for the 2020-2021 school year, will be presenting an introduction to floorball with an in-depth seminar on how to play! For more info on our August Coaches Clinic & Fair, please email 


Please be sure to re-visit the FIYA Floorball Home Page for further information regarding the upcoming season's dates, deadlines, and more important announcements. If you have any additional questions on FIYA Floorball, feel free to email us at