2019 Flag Football Playoff Qualifiers

Below are the playoff qualifiers for Flag Football. Congratulations to all of our qualifying teams and good luck! 

See below for Division 1 & Division 1A Brackets and Playoff Schedules. 


2019 Flag Football Playoff Qualifiers




LA North

1st Place - DVS

2nd Place - MORCS

3rd Place - Larchmont Selma

4th Place - CWC

LA South

1st Place - Orchard

2nd Place - Prepa Tec

3rd Place - Para Los Ninos

4th Place - MSA Bell


1st Place - KAO

2nd Place - Century Academy

3rd Place - CCCS

4th Place - Animo Mae Jemison


1st Place - MSA - 5

2nd Place - OCS

Westside A

1st Place - Culver City

2nd Place - Grace Hopper

3rd Place - La Tijera

4th Place - Beverly Vista Green

5th Place - Animo Westside Blue

Westside B

1st Place - CITY

2nd Place - Beverly Vista White

3rd Place - ICEF View Park

4th Place - ICEF Vista

5th Place - New West


1st Place - St Catherine

2nd Place - WISH

3rd Place - DVS

4th Place - CITY

* Girls playoff schedule on regular schedule page.