FIYA Flag Football

Fall 2020 

Girls and Boys Flag Football returns this Fall! Check back to this page for more details and updates for the 2020 season! See master calendar on the right for upcoming dates throughout the season, and you'll find your 2020 Flag Football schedules on the right after the coaches meeting.


NOTE REGARDING COVID-19: We are planning for a full year of FIYA sports in 2020-2021, but it is subject to change and revisions may be implemented based on any government restrictions or other issues related to COVID-19. Consequently, if any currently scheduled event is to be cancelled, payments for FIYA leagues and tournaments will be reimbursed in full to registered schools.




 August 16th:  Team Registration Opens for Flag Football Leagues

 August 7th:  League Registration Deadline 

 Sept 10th - 16th  Mandatory Coaches Meeting for all Flag Football Leagues



FIYA provides TWO Flag-Football leagues: 

  •  Boys 7 on 7 Flag-Football 
    • For Divsion 1 (8th Grade & Below) 
    • For Division 2 (6th Grade & Below)


  •  Girls 5 on 5 Flag-Football 
    • For Division 1 (8th Grade & Below)
    • For Division 2 (6th Grade & Below) 


Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming season and return to this page for our latest updates. If you continue scrolling below, you can also find past flag football season results and FIYA champions. #fiyaflagfootball