General eSports Rules


  • Each eSports team should have a NAYS certified coach who will, among other items, initiate communications between the school team and FIYA. The coach should also assist team members with communication amongst its opponents throughout the season and monitor such communication including players’ usernames.


  • Schools are allowed to have as many teams as they wish. Schools should register their teams as follows:  <School Name> <#> <Game Title>.  For example, for 2 school teams in Rocket League, the names should be Booker Academy #1 Rocket League and Booker Academy #2 Rocket League.  For 3 school teams in Fortnite:  Washington Charter #1 Fortnite Washington Charter #2  Fortnite and Washington Charter #3 Fortnite.


  • A school team may have substitutes listed on the roster.  Substitutions are allowed in between games in a match ONLY. No in game substitutions are allowed.  All substitutes must be listed on the roster.


  • A player can play on only ONE school team roster per game title.  For example, a school has 3 Rocket League teams. A player can only play on one of the Rocket League teams and it has to be the same team throughout the season. As a further example, if this same school also has a team in Overwatch and/or Fortnite, the same player can play on one Rocket League team, one Overwatch team and/or one Fortnite team throughout the season.


  • FIYA eSports games shall be non-toxic and all participants should adhere to the FIYA Sportsmanship Pledge. All communications shall endeavor to be positive and players’ usernames shall not contain any offensive language.  Players will need to keep their user account in good standing with the developer of the title they are competing in. Any sort of ban or suspension from the developer will be grounds for player ineligibility in FIYA.


  • School teams and its players are responsible for the integrity of their own video game consoles, PCs and internet connections. Lagging will not be tolerated as a reason to delay, pause or remake any game. If a team encounters any sort of technical difficulty that cannot be fixed in a timely manner, the team will lose the match to its opponent.


  • Each member school shall broadcast their competitions on the school Twitch channel.  Team players should not stream competitions on their personal Twitch channel. Recording a game for personal/team use is allowed and encouraged.  While streaming, players, coaches and spectators should adhere to the FIYA Sportsmanship Pledge.


  • 5 minutes before the match, home team captain is in charge of setting up the match (see individual game rules for information about game settings).  Upon conclusion of match, winning team coach and/or captain should communicate in detail (we do NOT need scores) to FIYA on its Discord Server results tab on who won the match.  List the school names involved, game title and date of the game in communicating who won the match. Examples of Good Communication:  Booker beat Washington in Thursday’s 4 PM Rocket League match.  Booker #7 Fortnight won its match on October 3. Examples of Bad Communication:  Tigers won today.  Booker won 4 to 3 in Fortnight.  Washington beat Booker.


  • Failure to complete a match or purposefully disconnecting or not finishing a match will be deemed as a forfeit and the faulting party will receive a minus 3 points in the standings.