Email #2 - Aug 16, 2017

The message below was sent via email to our email distribution list.  If you desire to be added to the email distribution list, please provide your name, name of your school, your title and your email address and send it to  Thanks.


For many, school has started this week so we wanted to provide our second email notification of the school year regarding FIYA and our various afterschool sports offerings (see below for the first email notification sent on August 3).

1.  We continue to update our email addresses as every school year comes with its personnel changes.  If there is anyone from your school that you want added, please provide such contact information.

2.  Speaking of personnel changes, FIYA is pleased to welcome back John Farren.  As one of the co-founders of FIYA, John eagerly returns to assist with a variety of projects including scheduling of games.  He can be reached at 310 795 9471 or at

3.  The deadline to register your school for a flag football or girls volleyball team is Thursday August 31.  We are still finalizing our online registration software and hope to have that linked to the website by next Wednesday.  As a reminder, we offer Division 1 leagues which is for teams made up of 8th graders and below and we offer Division 2 leagues which is for teams made up of 6th graders and below.  If you are new to FIYA and need some assistance, please contact Nick Galvan at 310 562 4611 or at

4.  We have posted on the website four cross country meets with dates and locations.  We are still exploring a potential 5th meet and if it happens, this information will be posted by the end of next week.  In addition, we will offer more registration information about cross country in the next few weeks as well.  For cross country, races are by division/gender with Division 1 being 8th grade and below, Division 2 being 6th grade and below and Division 3 being 4th grade and below.

We will continue to provide updated information as we have it to share.  As a reminder, there are two good sources of FIYA information - (1) our website at and (2) getting yourself or those in your school who need to know on to our email distribution list.  We will be updating our Regulations Manual in the next few days which is another source of information.  The Regulations Manual can be found under the ABOUT tab of our website.  Lastly, we will be posting an updated Frequently Asked Questions About FIYA document on the website which is an excellent primer for those new to FIYA or in need of a refresher.

We are excited to start our 7th year of operations and we thank each and every one of you for what you do for the student athletes of your respective schools.  Together we are strengthening schools through sports!