How to Register for FIYA XC Meets


In order to ensure that your school's Cross Country team is familiar with how FIYA conducts its XC meets, please make sure that your coaches carefully read the information above. To understand our program, rules, and how to register, it is very important that XC coaches read all our information. This serves as a checklist of sorts: 


1.  Please read the dates above (on our Cross Country Page) for our 2020 season and our FIYA Cross Country FAQ on our meets.

2.  Once you've read through that, you are ready to actually register for each FIYA Cross Country meet that your school team desires to participate.  Cross Country registration for the 2020 season is being handled through  Assuming your school does not already have an account with Athletic.Net, the FIYA Cross Country registration process becomes a two part process:  The first part is to create a free account and the second part (after you receive an email and confirm activation) is to actually register for each FIYA XC meet your school desire to participate.




  • Go to
  • *IMPORTANT NOTE: Creating a free account needs to be done AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to date of the XC meet. 
  • Click "Create Free Account"
  • Complete information and click "Next Step"
  • Click "Coach/Event Director"
  • Click "Find Team" and a Find-Your-Team pop up box should appear.  In the pop up box, do the following:  Select "Cross Country, select "Middle School" and select "California" and then type in your school name.  Assuming that your school has never created an account before, you should then be able to click "Add Your Team".
  • (This step is somewhat repetitive) - For Select Team Type - click Middle School; For School Info - complete all boxes and for State/Region, be sure to select "CA:  Los Angeles"; For Select League, Division - nothing needs to be put here; For Contact Info - enter information along with password and phone and then Click Submit Request.  
  • After submitting information to create a free account, you will receive a confirmation email in 1-2 days.
  • Now your account is verified and ready to register for any specific FIYA Cross Country Meets. See Next Step below. 




  • After Creating an Account, Go to
  • Upper right hand corner, click log in and enter log in information
  • Type "FIYA VIRTUAL XC" into the search bar and you should be able to find the various FIYA Virtual Cross Country Meets scheduled for that particular season. (NOTE: FIYA Virtual Cross Country Meets will not show up until Thursday September 10th to register) 
  • *IMPORTANT NOTE:  IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR A MEET, YOU MUST FIRST ADD THE MEET TO YOUR TEAM CALENDAR.  Please note the registration deadline for the virtual meets is October 31, 2020.
  • For Virtual Meets ONLY, after you have added the virtual meets to your team calendar, you then need to download Athletic App on to your mobile device to complete the registration to any FIYA Virtual Meet.  See the Athletic App Instructions document under 2020 Virtual XC Links (found in upper right side of this page).
  • For FIYA Virtual Cross Country Meets, the cost is $10 per athlete per school per meet (there is no member/non-member fee).  No payment is needed until the conclusion of the Cross Country season when FIYA will send your school an invoice. 




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