Cross Country 2018

as of October 24, 2018


The final meet of the 2018 FIYA Cross Country Season is in the books! 


Thank you so much to all our coaches, spectators, schools, and student-athlete participants for making this season such a blast.

We look forward to FIYA Track & Field in the Spring, so check back on our website at the end of the school year for more information on our upcoming Track Meets! 






Division 3 (4th Grade and Below): 1 Mile Course

Division 2 (6th Grade and Below): 1.5 Mile Course

Division (8th Grade and Below): 2 Mile Course



4PM: Coaches/Volunteers' Meeting

Following Coaches' Meeting: Division 3 Races (Boys then Girls)

Next: Division 2 Races (Boys then Girls)

Last Race: Division 1 Races (Boys then Girls) 

We use a stagger start for each division. Boys start first and then the girls start a few minutes after the boys take off.


All meets have a team competition as well as an individual competition. **Meaning, individuals can still compete regardless if their school has enough runners to qualify as a team.**  

  • For the team competition: Your school must have at least 3 runners per division per gender to qualify.  
    • The team winner is determined by adding up the top 3 place finishers from the school and the lowest total number wins.  
    • In the case of a tie, we use the 4th runner from the team to break the tie.  
    • For example: School A has the 1st, 10th and 20th finisher and School B has the 8th, 11th and 12th finisher.  Both schools have 31 points.  School A did not have a 4th runner and School B had a 4th runner finish 25th.  In this scenario, School B would be the team winner.
  • For the individual competition: We award medals to the top runners in each gender division.
    • For every 5 runners, there is a medal place awarded.  
    • For example, if there are 25 runners total in a race, there are 5 medals awarded to the top 5 finishers in that gender division.