Division 1 Girls - Westside League MOUNTAIN

as of March 2

FIYA Basketball

Division 1 GIRLS

Westside League MOUNTAIN

as of MARCH 2


The City School                                                   Century Community

Crozier                                                               La Tijera

Monroe                                                               Ocean Charter

Animo Westside                                                  Wilders Prep


Tuesday January 17 @ La Tijera

5PM  Century Community  v  The City School (W)

6PM  La Tijera  v  Wilders Prep (W)


Thursday January 19 @ Crozier

415  Crozier (W)  v  Animo Westside

515  Monroe (W) v  Ocean Charter


Tuesday February 14 @ La Tijera

5PM  La Tijera (W) v  Animo Westside

6PM  Wilders Prep (W) v  Ocean Charter


Thursday February 16 @ Crozier

415  The City School (W) v  Crozier 

515  Monroe (W) v  Century Community 

Tuesday January 24 @ La Tijera

4PM  Century Community  v  La Tijera (W)

5PM  The City School (W) v  Ocean Charter 


Thursday January 26 @ Crozier

415  Crozier  v  Monroe (W)

515  Animo Westside  v  Wilders Prep (W)


Tuesday February 21 @ La Tijera

4PM  Monroe (W) v  La Tijera

5PM  Animo Westside  v  The City School (W)


Thursday February 23 @ Crozier

415  Century Community (W) v  Ocean Charter

515  Crozier  v  Wilders Prep (W)


Tuesday January 31 @ La Tijera

4PM  The City School (W) v  La Tijera

5PM  Animo Westside (W) v  Century Community


Thursday February 2 @ Crozier

415  Ocean Charter  v  Crozier (W)

515  Wilders Prep (W) v  Monroe 

Tuesday February 28 @ La Tijera

5PM  La Tijera (W) v  Crozier

6PM  Ocean Charter  v  Animo Westside (W)


Thursday March 2 @ Crozier

415  Wilders Prep (W)  v  Century Community

515  Monroe  v  The City School (W)


Tuesday February 7 @ La Tijera

5PM  Wilders Prep  v  The City School (W)

6PM  Ocean Charter  v  La Tijera (W)


Thursday February 9 @ Crozier

415  Century Community (W) v  Crozier 

515  Animo Westside  v  Monroe (W)

Week of March 6


Top four (4) teams advance to FIYA BB Playoffs.  1st and 2nd place to Division 1 and 3rd and 4th place to Division 1A.  The Division 1 Basketball Championship game will be held at Staples Center on March 15.

Gym Locations:

Crozier – 120 West Regent St, Inglewood 90301

La Tijera – 1415 North La Tijera Blvd, Inglewood 90301