Division 2 Boys - Westside League SUNRISE

as of March 10

FIYA Basketball

Division 2 BOYS

Westside League SUNRISE

as of MARCH 10


Culver City Silver                                                WISH Red

WISH White                                                         Wilders Prep Gold

Stella                                                                  Oak Street

Inglewood Academy                                            Highland


Tuesday January 17 @ Berean Church

7PM  Highland (W) v  Stella


Thursday January 19 @ Berean Church

5PM  Wilders Prep Gold  v  Oak Street (W)

6PM  Inglewood Academy  v  WISH Red (W)


Friday January 20 @ Culver City

4PM  Culver City Silver (W)  v  WISH White


Thursday February 16 @ Berean Church

4PM  WISH White (W) v  Inglewood Academy

5PM  Wilders Prep Gold  v  WISH Red (W)

6PM  Oak Street  v  Stella (W)


Friday February 17  @ Culver City

6PM   Highland v  Culver City Silver (W)


Monday January 23 @ Berean Church

4PM  Highland (W) v  Oak Street


Tuesday January 24 @ Berean Church

7PM  Inglewood Academy  v  Highland (W)


Thursday January 26 @ Berean Church

4PM  WISH White (W) v  Stella

5PM  WISH Red (W) v  Oak Street


Friday January 27 @ Culver City

6PM  Culver City Silver (W) v  Wilders Prep Gold


Thursday February 23 @ Berean Church

5PM  Inglewood Academy  v  Stella (W)

6PM  WISH Red  v  WISH White (W)


Friday February 24 @ Culver City

5PM  Culver City Silver (W) v  Stella


Thursday February 2 @ Berean Church

5PM  Stella  v  WISH Red (W)

6PM  Wilders Prep Gold  v  Inglewood Academy (W)


Friday February 3  @ Culver City

4PM  Oak Street  v  Culver City Silver (W)


Monday February 27 @ Berean Church

4PM  Highland (W)  v  WISH White 


Thursday March 2 @ Berean Church

4PM  Oak Street  v  Inglewood Academy (W)

5PM  WISH White (W) v  Wilders Prep Gold


Friday March 3  @ Culver City

4PM  WISH Red  v  Culver City Silver (W)

5PM  Wilders Prep Gold  v  Highland (W)


Thursday February 9 @ Berean Church

5PM  Oak Street  v  WISH White (W)

6PM  Stella  v  Wilders Prep Gold (W)

7PM  Highland  v  WISH Red (W)


Friday February 10 @ Culver City

4PM  Culver City Silver (W) v  Inglewood Academy


Thursday March 9 @ Berean Church

4PM WISH Charter Red v ICEF Dantzler (W)

5PM Wilders Prep Gold (W) v Frederick Price

6PM Highland v Wilders Prep Blue (W)

7PM Oak Street v Ocean Charter (W)


Friday March 10 @ Culver City

4PM ICEF Inglewood (W) v Culver City White

5PM Stella v Culver City Blue (W)

6PM WISH Charter White v New West (W)

7PM Culver City Silver (W) v The City School


Gym Locations:


Berean – 4211 West Adams Blvd, LA 90018

Culver City – 4601 Elenda St, Culver City 90230 (Back Gym by outdoor basketball courts)