Division 1 Boys - Westside League A

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AS OF 2/18/19



Century Community (CCCS)                          ICEF Inglewood

Culver City Blue                                              La Tijera

Century Academy (CAFE)                              LACES Blue

Crozier                                                             New West

Frank D Parent                                                Wilders






Thursday January 10th @ Crozier

5 PM  Crozier (W) v  CCCS


Thursday January 10th @ Culver City Back Gym

4 PM  New West  v  Culver Blue (W)


Friday January 11th @ Park Century

4 PM  Frank Parent (W)  v  Wilders

5 PM  Inglewood  v  CAFE (W)


Tuesday February 5th @ La Tijera

5 PM  Inglewood  v  La Tijera (W)


Thursday February 7th @ Culver City Back Gym

4 PM  Culver Blue (W)  v  Crozier


Friday February 8th @ Park Century

4 PM  LACES Blue  v  New West (W)

5 PM  CAFE (W)  v  Wilders

6 PM  CCCS  v  Frank Parent (W)



Thursday January 17th @ Culver City Back Gym

4 PM  Culver Blue (W)  v  LACES Blue


Friday January 18th @ Park Century

4 PM  CCCS (W)  v  Inglewood



Tuesday February 12th @ La Tijera

5 PM  La Tijera  v  CAFE (W)


Wednesday February 13th @ Crozier

4 PM  CAFE (W)  v  Crozier

5 PM  Frank Parent (W)  v  New West


Thursday February 14th @ Culver City Back Gym

4 PM  Frank Parent  v  Culver Blue (W)


Friday February 15th @ Park Century

5 PM  Wilders (W)  v  CCCS



Tuesday January 22nd @ La Tijera

4 PM  La Tijera  v  LACES Blue (W)

5 PM  CCCS  v  New West (W)


Thursday January 24th @ Crozier

5 PM  Inglewood  v  Crozier (W)


Thursday January 24th @ Culver City Back Gym

4 PM  Culver Blue (W) v  Wilders


Friday January 25th @ Park Century

4 PM  CAFE (W)  v  CCCS


Tuesday February 19th @ La Tijera

5 PM  La Tijera  v  Frank Parent (W)


Thursday February 21st @ Crozier

5 PM  New West (W)  v  Crozier


Thursday February 21st @ Culver City Back Gym

4 PM  Culver Blue (W)  v  CAFE


Friday February 22nd @ Park Century

4 PM  LACES Blue (W) v  CCCS

5 PM  Inglewood  v  Wilders (W)


Thursday January 31st @ Crozier

5 PM  Wilders  v  Crozier (W)


Thursday January 31st @ Culver City Back Gym

4 PM  Culver Blue (W)  v  La Tijera


Friday February 1st @ Park Century

4 PM  CAFE  v  Frank Parent (W)

5 PM  LACES Blue  v  Inglewood (W)



Tuesday February 26th @ La Tijera

5 PM  La Tijera  v  New West (W)


Wednesday February 27th @ Crozier

5 PM  Crozier  v  LACES Blue (W)


Thursday February 28th @ Culver City Front Gym

6 PM  New West (W)  v  Inglewood


Thursday February 28th @ La Tijera

5 PM  Wilders  v  La Tijera (W)


Friday March 1st @ Park Century

7 PM  LACES Blue  v  Frank Parent (W)






Crozier Middle School: 20 W Regent St, Inglewood, CA 90301


Culver City Middle School: 4601 Elenda St, Culver City, CA 90230


Park Century: 3939 Landmark St, Culver City, CA 90232


La Tijera Charter Academy: 1415 N. La Tijera Boulevard Inglewood, CA 90301