Basketball Rules

effective as of January 1, 2019

FIYA Basketball Rules

  • Both teams to say FIYA Pledge prior to start of game at center circle.
  • It is recommended that teams that do not have reversible jersey tops bring at least 5 pinnies in the event both teams have same colored tops.
  • Division 1 or D1 is for students in grades 8th grade and below.  ABSOLUTELY NO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ALLOWED TO PLAY.  Division 2 or D2 are for students in grades 6th grade and below.  ABSOLUTELY NO 7TH AND 8TH GRADERS ALLOWED TO PLAY.  There are age requirements as well.  Check the FIYA Regulations Manual on
  • Schools with multiple teams in FIYA – players on teams MAY NOT play on more than one team.
  • Game consists of four 10 minute quarters Clock runs except as stated below.  Halftime is 3 minutes in length.  Each team is allowed three timeouts per game. 
  • During last three (3) minutes of the 4th quarter, clock should be stopped on a referee’s whistle if margin is 15 or less.  The clock should be re-started only when a player in bounds on the court touches the ball.
  • If tied, overtime consists of a two minute period.  If tied still, another two minute period.  If tied still after two overtimes, sudden death (first team to score a point wins).  Teams are allowed one timeout per overtime.  There is no carry over of timeouts in any overtime period.  Clock stops on all dead ball whistles in overtime.
  • If team leads by 30 points or more at any time in 4th quarter, this is a mercy.  Game may continue at judgment of referees and consent of both coaches with the score turned off and a continuously running clock.
  • The ball size is intermediate or 28.5 for Girls D-1 & D-2 and Boys D-2 and regular or 29.5 for Boys D-1.
  • Backcourt defense is allowed at all times.  10 seconds to cross half court for both boys and girls.  No backcourt press during mercy play.
  • 5 individual or personal fouls on a player per game and he/she is disqualified.
  • Technical fouls recorded as personal fouls; any player or coach ejection likely will result in 2 game suspension.
  • 7 to 9 team fouls per half allows opponent to be in Single Bonus and 10 team fouls or more per half allows opponent to be in Double Bonus.
  • For anything not specifically mentioned above or in the FIYA Regulations Manual, CIF high school basketball rules apply.