FIYA Basketball 2018 - General Information


FIYA offers interscholastic basketball leagues open to ALL elementary and middle schools in Los Angeles. 

- We organize leagues based on factors such as geography, grade level and skill level. 

- Division 1 is for 8th grade and below and Division 2 is for 6th and below. 

- Each school team will play 7 to 8 regular season games.  

- Approx. League Calendar:

- Regular Season will Start the week of January 7th, 2019 

- Regular Season will End Friday, March 1st

Playoffs will be March 4-15th  

- There are no playoffs for Division 2, but the Division 2 regular season will likely end on or before March 15.  

DEADLINE to register your school’s intent to participate in FIYA basketball is: 

ON or BEFORE Monday, November 26, 2018. 

Please go to our registration page on the website and complete the online registration for basketball.  



Holiday Season: Please be sure to write down the days during the season that your school has a holiday as well as any special scheduling requests.  We strive to do our best to accommodate schedule requests but cannot guarantee every request can be met.  However, providing schedule requests PRIOR to the draft schedules being sent will significantly help in creating good game schedules and will limit the need for making changes to the draft schedule.

Mandatory Coaches Meetings: A representative of your school needs to attend just the meeting in the region where the school team will play.  If your school cannot send a representative to attend the mandatory coaches meeting, you should seriously consider NOT registering a basketball team for your school.  The dates and locations of such meetings will be shared later but note that they will occur the week of December 10th.

HAVE A GYM WE CAN USE? FIYA basketball games occur in gymnasiums at centralized facilities during the weekdays between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm.  If your school has a gym or access to a gym, we are in need of gymnasiums to host the games.  We are certainly open to considering any gyms so long as they work within the parameters of our business model.  Please contact John Mueller at