Contribute to Our Basketball Program!





If you'd like to make a generous contribution to our Boys & Girls Basketball Programs this season, FIYA still needs your help and here's how you can get inolved and make a difference TODAY: 


1. Sponsor Our Basketball Program 

Whether you're passionate about basketball, have a child who participates in FIYA, or are interested in further developing our boys and girls basketball programs, FIYA is open to all sponsorship opportunities and inquires for our basketball department. 

Your generous donation would go towards: necessary equipment and services for the program, access to multiple venues/gyms to accommodate for our various zip codes and regional leagues, online tools for running and operating the leagues, championship team trophies, individual medals, FIYA shirts for our participants, and other additional opportunities for our participating student athletes and coaches. 

Have your name or logo featured on our participant t-shirts, website, our social and other media assets, our featured videos, and displayed in our gyms, fields, and venues (where appropriate) to show our appreciation and your contribution to the entire FIYA community. Among all else, your name will be associated with the growth of our foundation, the well being of our student athletes, contribute to the positive youth sports culture embedded within FIYA, and join us in our mission to strengthen our Los Angeles elementary and middle schools through sports. 

If you're interested or have an idea of how you’d like to get involved with sponsoring our basketball programs, please don’t hesitate to email Publicity & Communications Coordinator!


2. Sponsor a FIYA Host Gym 

All of our venues / gyms are home to either a FIYA participating school or Los Angeles local recreational gym, many of which cannot afford the costs of maintenance, up-keeping, or development. Our organization would be honored and grateful to partner with a generous sponsor to help upgrade our schools’ and various Los Angeles locations’ facilities. 

Our schools and public gyms are home to many events, activities, communal gatherings, and even other organizations whose efforts we’d love to celebrate by providing improvements, safety, and proactive environmental efforts and assets for their homes.  

Whether it be donating trash, compost, and recycling bins, spectator seating, new court installation, or anything in between, we know your efforts would go a long way for our community and beyond. Not only would you be contributing to the FIYA programs and our community, but you would be making an even bigger impact for these specific local and school communities for years to come! If you have any questions or are interested, please email Publicity & Communications Coordinator 


3. Sponsor a FIYA School's Team in Need 

As part of the FIYA vision, you can help make it possible for us to assist our Los Angeles youth and schools of underserved and economically disadvantaged communities by sponsoring a team in need. Many of these schools have students eager and ready to play in FIYA sports, but do not have the athletic programs, resources, or funds to do so. 

At FIYA, we do our best to accompany these schools along with our services to the programs themselves to ensure an equal sports opportunity for these deserving schools and students. Sponsorships would help us cover: their referee fees, school/team uniforms, individual players’ equipment such as gym shoes or mouth guards, coaching and practicing materials such as cones and balls, and even safe places to hold their practices if they do not have space on their campus. 

Without access to these necessary funds and materials, we’ve noticed basketball is a difficult sport for many schools to provide for their athletic programs. Some schools even have to combine their boys and girls into one team which competes in the boys division not because they don’t have enough players but because: their students cannot afford to play individually, they cannot hire a coach, or they cannot afford to have multiple teams. 

Please consider helping FIYA fulfill its vision in re-building and strengthening these schools’ sports programs by sponsoring a team and you will see just how big of an impact you can make on these young athletes’ lives! If you’d like to learn more or are interested, please email our Publicity & Communications Coordinator


4. Donate Items from Our Amazon Wish List

Visit our Amazon Wish List specifically for our Basketball Program, and consider donating equipment or materials needed for our programs and teams! FIYA provides one game ball to every participating school's team (roughly 145 teams + some schools have more than one team) to help get them started for the basketball season. 

Even donating ONE indoor basketball goes a long way, and you would be contributing to the betterment of a deserving school's team! Additional items and equipment needed to efficiently run our Basketball Programs are also available to purchase for donation including but not limited to: portable scoreboards, gym accessories, and practice tools for our coaches. 

So if you're interested in donating any of the equipment listed above or on our Wish List, please know that you would be contributing to not just one of our teams or one of our regional leagues but truly to the quality and care of the entire FIYA organization! If for whatever reason you have any issues with this donation option, please email us at


5. Volunteer by Hosting a Coaching or Player Clinic for Our Community 

If you are an experienced athlete, trainer, or coach, we'd love for members of our community inside or out to volunteer their time and services by hosting a basketball coaching clinic or basketball player clinic for our coaches and student athletes alike. UPDATE: This season, we are grateful to announce that one of our long time youth sports community members and Coach, Mike Rawson has made it possible for FIYA to host TWO FREE basketball coaching clinics for our community! Check out the event details by clicking the image at the top of this page and see how you can be the next generous volunteer to do the same for one of our programs' coaches or for our student athletes!) 

Many of our coaches are volunteers, teachers, or other school administrators who so generously give their time to make their school's soccer program possible. With that, many do not have access to resources or have previous experience, which is why at FIYA we strive to provide them with as many equal opportunities as we can and tools to success. 

Similarly, a majority of our student athletes do not have access to or participate in club or other outside recreational/regional sports, so FIYA and their school programs serve as their primary sports experiences. We do our best to offer additional training opportunities and athletic experiences, but we rely heavily on the generous contributions made by members of our community to help make this possible. 

If you're interested, please email Publicity & Communications Coordinator! Your efforts would make all the difference to our kids and coaches alike, strengthening both our programs skillfully and our community's unity.  


6. Volunteer Coach for One of Our Schools

Many times we've unfortunately experienced schools having the number in players to participate, but don't have a coach to put them in our league. 

If you've always had the desire to coach youth basketball or are interested in making a difference for a deserving school's basketball program, please consider being a volunteer coach. Many of our schools cannot afford to pay their coaches, so access to coaching options are limited. Help us include these schools and students by committing yourself as a coach and giving them the opportunity to participate and compete in FIYA Girls or Boys Basketball! 

This would be an extremely rewarding experience, one our community would be very grateful for, and one that contributes fully to FIYA's mission which is to strengthen schools through sports! If you are interested, please contact us at



Thank you in advance for your interest in serving and contributing to the betterment of our FIYA Los Angeles Community! Every bit helps, every effort does not go unnoticed, and it's because of the collaborative efforts and selfless acts from members of our community, donors, and sponsors that FIYA stands and continues to grow into the organization that it is today! We are all #togetherFIYA