2020 Virtual Youth Track & Field Challenge

Learn more and register ASAP for athletic.net x USATF's youth track and field challenge open to ALL youth runners! CHALLENGE ENDS: July 31st

2020 Virtual Youth Track & Field Challenge



FIYA Track & Field x Cross Country Coaches and Student-Athletes:

USATF and our friends at Athletic.net have partnered to create the 2020 Youth Virtual Summer Challenge, open to ANY and all youth participants from now until July 31st, and we hope to see some of our student-athletes representing FIYA in there! ⁣




Each registrant will receive a unique USATF Youth Virtual Summer Challenge competitor medal. Registration and timing will all be operated via athletic.net which all of our coaches and athletic directors should be familiar with from our FIYA Cross Country & Track & Field meets! ⁣You can use the instructions on how to create a free athletic.net account for your team/ runners and how to regsiter on either of those pages. 




+ 100M⁣

+ 200M⁣

+ 400M ⁣

+ 800M⁣

+ 1600M (1 Mile)⁣

+ 3200M (2 Miles)⁣

+ 1 Mile Race Walk ⁣




+ $10 per USATF Youth Member

+ $20 per Non-USATF Member

For further information and additional instructions on how to register your runners and submit your results for the challenge, visit the official website below. Please encourage your cross country student-athletes, and especially your track & field athletes, to give it a go!


Click here for the 2020 USATF Youth Virtual Summer Challenge